Manuka Honey UMF20+

Mānuka Honey is known the world over for its health giving properties. Created from the flowers of the New Zealand native Mānuka flower (also known as ‘tea tree’) it has long been used in traditional medicines for both its soothing and antimicrobial properties. It is rated as to its purity by the grading system UMF which stands for Unique Mānuka Factor. For health benefits it is recommended to use UMF 15 or above. UMF is a registered trademark and can only be used by licensed users who meet very stringent criteria. Mānuka Honey has a delicious taste – very earthy and robust. Unlike any honey you’ve ever had before!

For Human:

  • To soothe a sore throat
  • As a dietary supplement 
  • Directly on an affected area
  • To promote oral health
  • For digestive health 

To use: Orally for health – a teaspoon a day in a hot drink or direct from the spoon. For wound care, either apply directly to the would or spread on a sterile dressing before securing in place – can be left on a wound for 3-4 days provide the dressing remains secure and in place. Or simply as a delicious spread on your toast or mixed with your yoghurt or in any other cooking.

For Horse:

  • Directly on an affected area

To use: Apply directly to the affected area or to a dressing and secure in place with a bandage. Can be left open without covering. Reapply as necessary.


  • Mānuka Honey

Disclaimer: Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional. individual results may vary from person to person

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