Administration, Use & Safety FAQ's


How do I administer Epiitalis® Forte gel?

Insert the tip of the syringe into the nozzle and gently squeeze the foil as you draw up the daily measure. Epiitalis® can be added directly to feed or syringed directly into the mouth. If you put it on their feed, we suggest leaving it in a small blob, rather than mixing it through.

NB: As the pouch empties it is important to shake the remaining product down toward the cap before drawing out product.



How long does one foil of Epiitalis® Forte gel last?

The first pouch will last approximately 6 weeks as it covers the loading period. Subsequent pouches will then last almost 2 months at maintenance. 

What is the amount to feed? 

Epiitalis® Forte gel is fed once a day and is a very small amount. Just 8gms for the first two weeks as a loading amount and then 4gms a day for maintenance. This is appropriate for a 4-600kg horse. For a smaller pony or young horse you may choose to feed less (we recommend 6gms a day loading amount and 3gms maintenance for a pony or young horse less than 300kgs) however Epiitalis® is still safe at much higher quantities. For a particularly large horse (over 700kgs) we recommend 10gms loading and 5gms for maintenance. 

I’m having problems drawing up the Epiitalis® Forte gel. Are there any tricks?

Make sure you gently squeeze the pouch as you draw the required amount into the syringe.

Where do I store Epiitalis® Forte gel?

Epiitalis® Forte gel is very stable and is designed to be consistent at a variety of temperatures. It can be safely stored at room temperature on your feedroom shelf. Do not store product in use in the refrigerator as it can become harder to draw out.

Is Epiitalis® Forte gel palatable?

Horses love Epiitalis® Forte gel! Most actively seek it out.




What are the applications for Epiitalis® Forte gel?

From feedback key applications include:

  • General joint support for the performance horse.
  • Unwillingness to perform including jumping and galloping as well as day to day ‘school’ work.
  • The older horse looking for support and comfort.
  • The young, developing horse.
  • Horses that undergo greater levels of work in their daily life.
  • Horses with reduced mobility and flexion.
  • On your vets recommendation. 

 For a more complete answer and guide to the uses of Epiitalis® in a variety of situations, please click the ‘When to Use’ tab in the navigation menu above.

Can Epiitalis® be used as a general joint support supplement?

Yes! Although Epiitalis® Forte gel has been used to great effect in helping the veteran horse maintain joint function, it is invaluable as part of any working horses daily maintenance.

Is there a human version? 

Unfortunately not currently available in the UK.

My horse is not currently being ridden.  Should I still give them Epiitalis?

Epiitalis Forte gel has been shown to be an excellent nutritional support of joint health and also a very useful adjunct to rehabilitation programmes. We recommend consistent use for best results. 

Does Epiitalis have any effect on temperament?

None of the components of Epiitalis Forte gel have any effect on temperament. A number of horses may feel a bit 'well' in the first week of administration as they adjust to being more comfortable. Horses are generally a lot more willing to perform when they are comfortable. 

Do I need to continue feeding my previous joint supplement?

4CYTE originally had a product that included more traditional active ingredients such as glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM & hyaluronic acid. From our own research we found that there was no additional benefit in feeding the combined product. In fact Epiitalis Forte gel seemed to be more bioavailable and faster acting on its own. There is no need to feed a nutritional supplement with additional active ingredients, however it is perfectly safe to continue to do so.

Does Epiitalis work on other tissues apart from joints and cartilage?

Although Epiitalis was developed as a joint health support and there is a lot of research to support its use in this area, there have been a number of reports of  better results in other uses also. Please see our testimonials page for more details.


Is Epiitalis® Forte gel safe to use longterm?

Yes, Epiitalis has no known side effects, even with long term use.

What side effects have you seen with Epiitalis®?

There are no identifiable side effects from Epiitalis® use, both long term and high quantities. Epiitalis® has undergone full safety testing.

My horse has ulcers, can I use Epiitalis® Forte gel?

Yes, Epiitalis® will not affect the digestive tract. This is one of the key advantages of Epiitalis® Forte gel.

Can I use Epiitalis® Forte gel in affiliated competition? Will Epiitalis® Forte gel test positive?

Epiitalis® Forte gel will not test positive under current BEF, FEI or British racing protocols. There are many high performance (FEI level) athletes throughout Australasia, the U.S. and U.K. using Epiitalis® Forte gel, along with many winning racehorses.

Can I give more when my horse is under greater stress?

Absolutely! It is very safe. Our competing clients will often put their horses back up to the loading amount (8gm) if training is tough, or they are competing at a multi day show or doing more galloping and jumping.

Is Epiitlais® Forte contraindicated with anything? Can I feed it alongside other supplements and feeds?

There are no known contraindications or interactions with drugs or nutritional supplements. You can feed it alongside anything else you choose or your vet recommends.

Can Epiitalis® Forte gel be used in pregnant mares?

 No specific studies or trials have been conducted to establish safety during pregnancy, therefore it is not recommended.






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