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Jasmine Punter - Showjumping & Photographer

Jasmine Punter in promotional photo stood next to a brown horse, with a black background
I'm 25 and have been surrounded by horses all of my life. I juggle showjumping my 2 horses with a career in equine photography; predominately covering events but also dabbling in commercial photography and equine portraiture. My proudest achievement was winning a HOYS qualifier from 115 starters with my horse of a lifetime Clio. It may take another 20 years to get back there, but I'm determined to do so. I spend most weekends at horse shows, whether it be working or competing, and find myself working into the early hours to be able to spoil my horses by buying them shiny things they don't need!.
My goals for this year are to try and be competitive up to 1.30m with my 9yo mare Corona, and to add some more wins to my 18yo speed mare Clio's record. Ultimately, I want them to be happy and healthy - and results are a bonus. 
I started using Epitalis Gel on my (now 18 year old) mare 2 years ago. Although she has the spirit of a 5 year old, she has a lot of mileage (competing in 25 BE events before I bought her 8 years ago and transformed her to a showjumper, where she has since won well over 100 classes with me, with plenty of other starts on top!) so naturally has wear and tear, which has resulted in the odd 'off' day  over the past few years. Since starting her on Epitalis Gel, we've noticed an increase in stride length, more bend in the hocks and a very active backend when landing, and as a result, countless clear rounds and wins to add to her record. Epiitalis Gel has given her a new lease of life and a couple more years of fun. Our vet and physio have both noticed a difference, with the latter noticing something new before we even told her! I've since started my younger mare on Epiitalis and it's certainly proven to give her wings too! 
Side view of Jasmine Punter clearing a jump with her horse

Natasha Rumble - Dressage

A smiling Natasha Rumble dressed in formal riding gear

I am 24 years old and I am a U25 Grand Prix dressage rider.

I first learnt to ride when I came to my local riding school back in 2002. I was very fortunate from a young age to have the rides on many different horses and ponies, this enabled me to progress very quickly and soon became the one to have to get on all the naughty/ cheeky ones, which I loved!!

2009 My mum brought me my first pony. He was called Nutty. He took me to some amazing competitions, including jumping around Hickstead’s main arena. It was when my instructor Helen Barton- Smith first saw that I had a talent for dressage, it was then a year later that I had competed in my first year at British Dressage and coming 7th in the prelim summer regionals.

Skip to 10 years later I am now competing at Grand Prix!!!

Crazy right?

Along the journey I have done my BHS exams and am a BHSAI. I have also gone up the levels with my other rides along the way.

My best result to date on each horse I ride for Liz Rawlingson must be winning the Petplan Equine Elementary Championships 2017 on Dragonfly VCG. Winning the Petplan inter 2 finals in 2018 on ShowBoy and Winning the Senior Home International team 2019 on Don Paccini.

My Goals for 2020, I would love to go to an international with ShowBoy at U25 and keep training the others up the levels, At the same time as expanding my business and also developing in the young horses for the future and for sale.

This couldn’t be possible without the amazing team behind me who work with me on a day to day basis, ensuring the horses and I are in tip top condition.

This is where Shiwon and FenlaNdZ Health have had such an important role to play.  

With Don Paccini being 19 this year and ShowBoy 17, Epitalis has been a crucial supplement in their joint health which we have used for many years, enabling them to compete at the highest of levels whilst being comfortable.

Natasha Rumble riding a brown horse around an indoor arena


Natasha Swales - Showjumping

Natasha Swales wearing a blue fleece outside stables

My name is Natasha Swales, and I am married to Harry Swales, a fellow Fenlandz Health brand ambassador. I would argue that I introduced Harry to the wonder product that is Epiitalis Forte Gel, but like most married couples we probably don’t quite see eye to eye on that!

I am 28 years old, and am lucky enough to have my own wonderful, yet ever-so slightly deviant horse, Mary. This year we’ve managed to move up to jump our first few Foxhunters, and I’d love to think that a 1.30m isn’t too far away from us. I’ve ridden since I was 4 years old, so I don’t really know a life without horses, what disposable income is, or what the point of a Sunday lie in is. I wouldn’t trade this for the world!

I am about to embark on a very exciting new challenge, working for a production yard where I will be involved in the starting and producing of eight, currently very feral, four year olds! I am armed with a new riding hat, and a fear that I might be drinking more than the occasional medicinal gin to help ease my aches and pains. I’ll be first in line to test the human version of Epiitalis, and it will mean that I can finally stop stealing Mary’s equine version!

I discovered Epiitalis Forte gel thanks to a previous horse’s needs, and duly entered a competition to win some of this proclaimed wonder gel. I bombarded poor Shiwon with messages on why I should be the lucky winner of the competition, and she either knew that the product would help my lovely little horse or simply wanted to shut me up. Either way, within three days I could not believe the difference in this previously stiff and creaky mare, and began to tell anyone who would listen about how they simply had to try Epiitalis for themselves.

I have Mary on it for maintenance of her joints, and feel hugely reassured that there is no better supplement for me to be spending my hard earned money on.  I have since recommended it to friends who have stated that their horses feel like ‘all of their joints have been oiled', which is just the icing on the cake.

I will only be associated with and accept support from companies that I genuinely love, and this is one of them. Thank you, Shiwon, for your continued support, and I can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store for us!

Front view of Natasha Swales mid-jump with her horse Mary

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