New Zealand is known the world over for both its abundance of natural resources and also for its extraordinary athletes on the world stage. From Triathletes to freedivers, sailors to rugby players, this tiny country seems to be able to produce performers with class, resilience and integrity. Values that Fenlandz Health holds dear. We have personally selected our favourite innovative products for the human athlete, indeed anyone looking to support their health and wellbeing. Whether you be an elite level performer, a weekend warrior, or a fan of a gentle stroll through the countryside, we have something to assist.

From muscles strength and recovery, to immunity support and respiratory care, to gut health and skin care.

Shiwon & David are both keen amateur athletes and are often seen competing in a variety of sports. Shiwon prefers running, swimming & snowboarding while David runs, cycles & waterskis. While not elite level athletes by any stretch of the imagination, they both like to perform at their best and personally recommend everything they stock. David has a special affinity for Glide+ which helped him cycle last year from Marlow, Bucks to Tours-Sur-Marne, Champagne in a heatwave without a single blister or saddle sore.

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