Ingredients and Efficacy FAQ's

Ingredients & Composition

What are the ingredients of Epiitalis® Forte Gel?

Epiitalis® Forte gel has three ingredients. The new active, Epiitalis®, which is a proprietary extract from the seed of biota orientalis, a soya oil gel and apple flavouring. 

What is Epiitalis®?

A plant oil extracted using a proprietary method which is internationally patent protected for its properties within joints.

What does this proprietary extraction method do to the Epiitalis®?

In simple terms, in addition to the actual oil extraction it has the ability to change the fatty acid structure from a bound form to a specific free form of fatty acid dramatically increasing the bioavailability of the oil therefore creating Epiitalis®.

Why haven’t I heard of Epiitalis® before?

Epiitalis® is a brand new active ingredient. It is available exclusively in 4CYTE™ products.

Is there any ingredients in Epiitalis® Forte gel that will affect temperament?

No. The ingredients are the active ingredient Epiitalis®, a gel extracted from soya, and apple flavouring. However, be aware they may become more athletic for a day or two as they enjoy new levels of comfort.


How long does it take for Epiitalis® Forte gel to make a difference?

You should notice a rideable difference within the first two weeks, however most riders and handlers state they can see & feel a difference in the first week of loading.

How do you know that Epiitalis® is bioavailable and actually affects the joints?

Epiitalis® has undergone significant in-vivo and in-vitro research which has demonstrated that the active ingredients are effective following simulated digestion and ultrafiltration and that the product does reach the joints following oral administration. In an in-vitro study Epiitalis® was subjected to a simulated digestion model and ultrafiltration process, thus mimicking the effects of natural digestion and absorption. Objective measures were then applied measuring levels of degrading enzymes, Glycosaminoglycan’s, Nitric Oxide and Chondrocyte numbers. In in-vivo study, a number of horses were fed the supplement orally and the data was taken from the fluid that was removed from the joint, which correlated with the findings from the in-vitro study.

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