EnerGex is a slow-release carbohydrate designed to support sustained energy delivery.

  • For use when increased energy or endurance are required
  • Ideal for horses during competition or intense training
  • Ideal for travelling and multi-day events when glycogen stores are depleted
  • Useful for poor doers or horses with reduced appetites

Sustained performance and endurance in horses is limited by muscle glycogen levels. Glycogen levels depend on adequate carbohydrate consumption and can also be affected by gut problems and stress. EnerGex provides these carbohydrates in a low GI form which means sustained energy levels and reduced impact on behaviour and temperament as opposed to simple sugars.


To Use: (rates based on 500kg horse)

For competition support: 2-4 scoops 2-4 hours prior to competition

Alternatively, 1 syringe 15-60 minutes prior to competition. For intense or prolonged exercise further syringes can be given every 1-2 hours

To support recovery or for long term use in times of additional need: Daily in feed 2-4 scoops a day


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