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Savvy Touch provide all natural, New Zealand made products ‘tested on humans’ to enhance both human and equine athletes’ performance.

Developed by Cambridge, New Zealand based bodyworker and passionate crossfitter ‘Savvy Steve’ and his wife, Linsey, the brand name was chosen to reflect knowledge and understanding and crossed over from Steve’s original bodywork business which had the tagline ‘be touched by Savvy’. Steve continues to be in demand as a therapist for both human and equine athletes with high performance clients around the globe.


Glide+ (previously Anti Friction Balm)


Glide+ lightweight friction gel for horse or human
An all purpose lightweight gel for use where ever friction is a problem for horse or human. Also makes a fantastic massage gel, loved by therapists and physios.



Hand & Heel balm

Hand & Heel balm for dry and cracked skin
A deep and intense moisturising cream for dry and cracked skin. Perfect for hands damaged by endless handwashing, or anyone who gives their hands a particularly hard time.


Cooling gel

TLC for hard working muscles, joints and tendons in both horse & human athlete.


Rocket Fuel


Rocket Fuel for Clear irritated or hardworking airways
Clear irritated or hardworking airways before or during strenuous activity or when environmental triggers are troublesome.


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