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Hauora is a Māori word meaning wellbeing (physical, emotional & spiritual).


Hauora Health encapsulates this in their premium New Zealand products. New Zealand has a diverse range of climates, which enables unique fauna and flora to flourish. The health products we produce from these quality resources nourish and replenish your body all year round. Their focus and attention to safety and quality control, along with New Zealand’s strict international quality and safety requirements, means you are guaranteed that their products conform to the highest standard in the world. Hauora Honey gathers the highest quality New Zealand honey from the vast and diverse landscapes of the North Island’s East Coast and the lower South Island. Hauora controls the whole process from the hive to the jar, ensuring that you enjoy honey of uncompromising quality.  


Manuka Honey 

   Manuka honey is prized worldwide for its health giving properties. It is unique to New Zealand, produced from the pollen of the native Manuka flower (also known as ‘tea tree’). It can be used as a spread, a dietary supplement and a topical application.   

Propolis capsules 

Propolis is produced by bees. It is rich in amino acids and has traditionally been taken as immune support. It is a powerful antioxidant. 

Colostrum chews  

 Colostrum is the pre-milk fluid that mammals produce to support digestion and prevent infection. Also taken by athletes to enhance muscle power and endurance and reduce recovery time. 







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