Savvy Touch Anti Friction Balm

A 100% natural balm unique to Savvy Touch that has a range of uses. 

Our Anti Friction Balm is packed with essential oils including Arnica, Vitamin E & Coconut oil and is flavoured with Aniseed.

Apply directly to the bit to protect the mouth (the Aniseed makes it taste like a lolly!) – this helps young horses especially to take the bit and experienced horses to want to take the bit and "chew" on it, relax and naturally collect. Use in the corners of the mouth to prevent chaffing and rubs from the bit. Use directly over legs as a 'glide' for eventing and show jumping and apply to any part of the body to prevent rub from saddlery or covers.

Due to the extremely fine nature of this gel you only need to use a minimal amount. 200gm pot lasts for months!

If you are a human athlete then please check out Glide+ to prevent chaffing anywhere it might occur. Also a brilliant massage oil.