Veteran Testimonials

Do you have a veteran partner you'd like to give some extra support to? Would you love for them to have a long, comfortable and happy old age? Read some of our fantastic feedback from owners of older horses - all genuine U.K. based customers.

Tracey Louise Muir

I use the gel on Junior, my 22yo homebred IDxTB. I had tried a number of different supplements/anti-inflammatory products without much success. I kept seeing 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel being mentioned, thought there was nothing to lose and so tried it. The old boy sadly hasn’t turned into Valegro, but he’s stayed happy, so I’m delighted.

Angela L Craney 

I was skeptical about trying yet another ‘wonder’ product. My 25 yr old man has not been coping with the hard ground he had a few weeks where he was really unhappy. After 5 days on Epiitalis Forte he asked to stay out overnight. He never asks to stay out overnight!  He’s happy and smiling again, as am I. It’s still early days for my horse, he’s been on it for 3 weeks now, but I could cry at seeing him being a normal horse again.

Steph Taylor

I’ve had Dazzle (16 years old working Intermediate I) on 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel for about 10 months & can’t believe the difference, he’s so much more supple than he ever used to be and is finding the work so much easier now. We’ve had such great results that two of my liveries have also put their horses on Epiitalis.

Siobhan Fitzgerald

We have been using the gel on our 15yo gelding for about 3 months. I noticed a major improvement after a couple of weeks, he is much more supple and free in his work - but the biggest change is his temperament. He is so much happier in himself in every way – he enjoys being groomed again and will be staying on  Epiitalis Forte gel for the foreseeable future.

Chelle Howell

I just wanted to send my warmest thanks! The best thing I did last year was discovering 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel. The difference in my boy just brings tears to my eyes. I had been fearing the worst until I met the Fenlandz Health team at Your Horse Live. Since then the changes have been almost unbelievable. He plays with his field buddy most days, often using 2 of his feet to box with. I’m even starting to believe I may get a little sit on him which I haven't done in 3 years. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!’

Sarah Black

I have been using 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel on my boy for a while now. We are both veterans – he is 20 and I’ve owned him for 18 months of pure joy. My goal was to get a point at Advanced Medium and then drop back to Medium as I hadn’t competed for 9 year. However since starting the gel we’ve had to move the goalposts! We qualified for the Area Festival at Advanced Medium in 2 tests and came 5th at Keysoe in spite of the geriatric rider forgetting the test, so we are on our way to the next round. I just need the human version!

Olivia Pile 

In December I went to a dressage clinic and Xaile was so unhappy the instructor recommended retiring him. However, Epiitalis Forte gel has transformed him. To the point we achieved a lifetime goal of mine at the weekend by competing at medium, even better we came home with a red rosette. He’s my horse of a lifetime and I’m so grateful Epiitalis has helped us get here.

Kate Stringer

My 15yo Advanced Medium dressage horse was starting to struggle with his work, a friend suggested I try Epiitalis Forte gel. I could feel a difference within a week and he has been on it ever since. We are qualified for second rounds of the Area Festival at medium and Advanced Medium and looking forward to having a go at our first Advanced test in the not too distant future.

Hannah Martin

I am one of these crazy people who owns and loves a chestnut mare! She is quite a feisty and highly strung welsh section D x Irish draft. This summer we decided to turn our ‘hoof’ to dressage at the grand age of 19. Whilst we started well, at the end of October we found that Holly wasn’t enjoying being worked. When I was Your Horse Live I came across your stall and got chatting. I purchased my first tube that night. Since that day in November, she has been on 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel. She likes the apple taste of the gel (no molasses needed) and I feel confident that her stomach is protected without risking ulcers from bute. Holly is happy to be tacked up and works beautifully. You wouldn’t think she is almost 20! Epiitalis Forte gel doesn’t change her mental state and I am thrilled to have found such a positive and effective product which also offers value for money compared to alternative supplements. Holly and I now enjoy our hacking, schooling and we’ve stated competing again. I’m glad to have my horse back and to know that thanks to Fenlandz Health we have many more years to enjoy together.

Gemma Wiggins Williams

Hudsone has been on Epiitalis Forte gel for 10 months now and at 22 he’s still taking on new disciplines, the latest being tentpegging. I was keen to find something to provide a consistent level of support. Since starting the gel, Hudson is performing beyond expectation and loving new challenges. Thank you Fenlandz Health!

Alex Bonnell

I started using 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel on my 20 year old Irish. I’m really impressed! He feels supple and happy and not only did he and I do our first ever advanced test but last week he went cantering the beach. 





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