The Veteran

Epiitalis® and the Veteran Equine

 Age gets the better of all of us eventually and your beloved horse is no different. Osteoarthritis is without doubt the most common ailment limiting the aged horse – for specific details on how to manage this condition, please visit this link. However, even without arthritis, general wear and tear can take their toll. One of the key concerns for owners of the older horse is that there are often other co-morbities (health concerns) existing alongside and often any prescribed treatment can exacerbate them. As an example your horse may have finished its competitive career so you can legally feed them Bute to keep them comfortable, but if they have ulcers, you risk these becoming much worse, even leading to internal bleeding. Cushings disease is also very prevalent in the older horse as well as laminitis.

With Epiitalis® Forte gel you’re not only giving them the best joint care possible, it does so with no identifiable side effects and no contra-indications, meaning you can feed it alongside any other therapy that may be prescribed. 4CYTE™ have undertaken full safety trials including blood tests on horses receiving high dose Epiitalis® for an extended period of time.

Epiitalis® won’t magically cure a completely degenerated joint. We do, however have many incredible testimonials outlining how it has helped horses not just maintain, but improve their comfort and general wellbeing. Check these out on the Testimonials tab above.

Epiitalis® Forte gel is administered in a small, cost effective daily dose. It can be added to feed, or for those who are on a restricted diet, it can be syringed directly into the mouth.


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