The Toxicity Dilemma

This is part two of a two part article. Link to parts one is below.

The toxicity dilemma

If you are competing you should be aware of the toxicity profile of any substance you feed to your horse. Horses receiving Epiitalis have undergone many drug toxicology tests both here and abroad. 4CYTE have done their own trials using standardized profiles which have shown no positive results whatsoever and there have been many sport and racehorses internationally using the product routinely who have been drug tested after winning, including winners on the UK racetracks where the strictest protocols are to be found. Personally, I use it on my own horses who are competing at FEI level. 

We are aware that these protocols are constantly changing and being updated and here at Fenlandz Health we are committed to keeping our clients safe. If anything is even rumoured to be happening on this front, you will be the first to know!

 Epiitalis Forte gel is produced in a dedicated line using human grade actives and ingredients with equal emphasis on the quality control and cross-contamination that is given to human supplements and medications. Each run is batch tested for compliance before it is packaged and sent to you.

 Of course, as a ‘person responsible’ you will know that the buck stops with you. While we do everything we can to protect you and your horse, you need to make sure that you have systems and procedures in place both at home and on the road.

 Key Factors to consider:

  • If any horse is getting any medication or controlled substance you need to make sure that their feed bins and buckets are isolated.
  • Consider their excretions. Some medications pass through the horse, and although these quantities are usually minute, it may be safest to muck them out last and make sure you take droppings and urine soaked bedding straight from their box to the muck heap.
  • Don’t forget to wash your hands each and every time you handle these substances yourself. I’ve heard more than one story of a horse being contaminated from coming into contact with transferred product off yard equipment, including broom handles!
  • Be aware of banned substances in everyday items. While it may be cute to feed Sparkles your chocolate bar, it’s not OK

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