The Performance Horse

The Performance Horse


From pony club to racing, pleasure to show-jumping, dressage to eventing, hunting to polo there are many pressures and demands on the performance horse, no matter what the discipline. To train and compete (or simply enjoy) our horses, first and foremost they need to be healthy, and have longevity.


Feed, farriers, appropriate training and fitness work all play their part. Care must be taken to provide the best of each for your horse and its needs. With the huge investment of time and money, looking for some insurance in terms of joint support makes sense, especially as up to 60% of all equine lameness presentations are attributed to joint disease.


By the time the performance horse is showing clinical signs of joint disease, the damage is done and while there are many options to support these competitors to continue to perform (see this link on maintaining the horse with osteoarthritis) the old adage that prevention is better than cure has never been more pertinent. Every day horses joints are stressed causing inflammation and micro-abrasions to the articulating cartilage surface. Over time the inflammatory enzymes themselves have been shown to attack the cartilage surface, causing more damage.


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