The Future Star

The Future Star

Your hopes and dreams are alive and running around the field. Whether your young horse is destined for elite level competition, the racecourse, the hunt field or simply as a useful and loved companion, you want the best for them. You’ve invested so much time, love and money into them already, the next step is to give them their best chance of fulfilling their potential.

Young horses grow at alarming rate. Not only does this mean you need to buy a new rug for them every time you turn around (if they last long enough to grow out of them!) it puts an extraordinary strain on their bones and joints, even without the impact of daily work. 

There are a number of developmental orthopaedic diseases that can affect the young horse, the most common of which is the Osteochondritis Dessicans (OCD) which is the caused by abnormal bone growth in the developing young horse. These flaps of extra bony tissue can form on the cartilage surface and sometimes break off, leading to bony debris in the joint itself – often referred to as ‘bone chips’. Although they can be un-symptomatic, if lameness occurs treatment usually involves rest, long term anti-inflammatory use or surgery to remove the fragments. Even if they are un-symptomatic if the youngster is x-rayed for sales or insurance purposes, OCD’s can massively lower the value of the horse.

There are a number of yearling prep yards in New Zealand using Epiitalis routinely in their preparation routine, having personally seen some interesting radiographic improvement for horses showing signs of early lesions. As a business who prides ourselves in the science behind the product it has to be noted that this is untrialled and not evidenced by research. It is hoped that we will be able to access a population in the future in order to test these theories properly.

 Young warmblood horses are notoriously big in size and movement. They often mature more slowly with large, open joints for a longer period of time and their naturally more upright movement can place great strain on the articulating surface. Feeding Epiitalis Forte gel can not only prevent damage from the inflammatory enzymes that may accumulate from knocks and other young horse shenanigans, but may also assist the repairing of cartilage surface from impact trauma by providing more chondrocytes which are essential to the regeneration of the cartilage matrix.


With the easy to administer small daily dose, what better way to ensure the best start for your future champion?



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