Consumer Testimonials

Joshua Smith, Polocrosse, Gloucestershire

'Joshua started his 15hh 16 year old Argentinian polocrosse Pony 'Ballerina', on 4cyte at the recommendation of a very good friend and chiropractor Emma Philips. Ballerina suffered a pelvic injury as a youngster and has an unusual way of moving and can get quite stiff. Ballerina went from finishing one tournament tired, stiff and hardly able to walk on the Lorry to go home, to within 3 weeks of starting Epiitalis Forte gel finishing her next tournament as if she hadn't played, also winning herself ‘the best high goal horse’ of the series. We will certainly be keeping Ballerina on Epiitalis Forte whilst she continues to play polocrosse and would definitely recommend it.' Postscript: After 6 months on Epiitalis Forte Ballerina continues to be happy and sound performing in this very demanding sport. She was recently named best B grade horse in a tournament - not bad for a 17yr old with her injury history! Jane (Joshua's mum) said 'We feel sure this product from 4CYTE is enabling her to perform to her best.'

Trish & Olly Cole, Show Cob, North Yorkshire

'Olly who is 15 now has truly been my horse of a lifetime, he came into my life six years ago and what a wonderful six happy fun years we have had together. He truly is a wonderful friend to me. He taught me dressage (or stressage I call it), and took me to HOYS where we came 3rd in search for a star show cob, even though he’d never competed at a major show before – he’s just amazing! Last June (2016) I noticed he felt odd, his strides were shorter and he just felt really strange and unbalanced. He was nodding slightly in trot also. I was so upset as Olly is never lame. I took him to Rainbow Equine hospital at Malton North Yorkshire where my very patient and wonderful vet Leuan Pritchard looked at him and then X rayed him. The results were small bone spurs just forming on his front fetlocks. I was truly devastated and thought my world had ended. Olly was then given his first Osphos injection along with Epiitalis Forte gel which I gave as prescribed. Weight loss was needed too. I really wanted to help Olly as he adores food and I enjoyed feeding him. I read all about your product and it is totally true. Olly is wanting to move forward so much more and the nodding choppy trot I felt is no more. He feels active, lively and back to his cheeky fun ways. We are now nearly six months on and going back to my vets for another consultation and hopefully they will notice a huge difference in him. I am now back having fun again, enjoying beach rides and hoping an endurance this summer. His bute stopped three months ago so totally delighted with this. Hopefully from my photos you will see how well Olly is and we are both happy and delighted with your amazing product. Thank you!'

Morven Dodds, Eventing/Allrounder, Aberdeenshire

'At the start of 2016 I noticed that my mare, who has bone spavin in both her hind hocks, was starting to struggle a little bit and was feeling rather uncomfortable through her body and unwilling to jump and soften up when schooling. We were constantly trying various other joint supplements and on occasion combining them to see what worked best for her and found that it was becoming too expensive to carry on the way we were. When walking around at The Royal Highland Show last year we came across the 4CYTE stand and decided to go in and we were met with two very lovely and helpful people who were actually wanting to help and listened to what was said. Even though it was a fairly new product we decided to give it a go and purchased one there and then! Fast forward to today and she's feeling great, schooling softly and supple, feeling like a young horse with her excitement and actually wanting to jump! She's feeling fantastic and I really do think it's down to the use of Epitalis Forte, seriously impressed with the product and the customer service that comes alongside it is outstanding! Definitely have no regrets with starting her on this product!'

Samantha Backstrom, Show jumper, Hampshire

'A year ago my 5 year Gelding started not wanting to go forward and cow kicking every time you asked, many thousands of pounds later we discovered he had OCD in his stifles, and an asymmetric joint in his hind fetlock - an injury received as a foal which caused the growth plates to grow at different speeds. With three months field rest and treating both his stifles, fetlock, and back we still were unable to get him moving freely and forward. We ran a Bute trial in September this year and he started to move forward. I then found out about 4CYTE from a fellow competitor, and after meeting the team at HOYS decided to trial him on Epiitalis Forte Gel as the anti-inflammatory effect was just what he needed yet it's competition safe and without side effects, even on long term use.

I am astonished at the result, we are 4 weeks in he has never felt as supple and springy as he currently does. He went to his first show back last weekend and jumped double clear in the Horsequest Novice and qualified for the Blue Chips next April. I am over the moon with Epiitalis Forte Gel, it is well worth the money and has got my horse back in peak condition. Thank you to the team for your help and guidance on picking the right product for my horse.'

Rebecca Bell, European Pony Dressage Gold Medal winner, Current Team GB Junior rider.

‘I’ve been using Epiitalis for the past 3 years to provide the very best support for my ponies against the challenges of International travel and competition. Having seen the effects that Epiitalis had on my ponies I know that I can always place my trust in it to provide the most effective support available. Horses on Epiitalis Forte gel are happy athletes and the results speak for themselves.’


Hayley Parker, South African 3* eventer

‘I have been using Epiitalis Forte with both of my 3* event horses and have noticed positive changes in both of them. Both horses feel great the day after taking them for a gallop; their movement is free and loose. The one horse is really fussy with his feed and seems to really enjoy the palatable flavour of the 4CYTE gel. I like the fact that there are two means of giving your horse the 4CYTE range as I think that this caters to a variety of horses and their needs.’

Amanda Millin, GP showjumper and owner of ‘Find Me the Right Horse’

‘I love 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel! I just rode my Grand Prix horse and he felt amazing. He was so loose and springy in his step – it is incredible to get such a rideable difference in such a short time from an oral supplement. I really think this could be something that would be of great advantage to Showjumping horses, supporting their joints as they campaign. I’m definitely going to continue using 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte on my team.’


Vet Testimonials

Barny Fraser BVSc, MSc Cert - Rainbow Equine Hospital

'I was naturally sceptical of nutraceuticals, and only agreed to trial 4CYTE because of the scientific evidence that it had shown beneficial effects on articular cartilage. Having now used 4CYTE Epiitalis gel for over a year in many diverse cases I am firmly converted - the results speak for themselves, and new clients are now requesting Epiitalis Forte gel by name. In my mind 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel is the most effective DMOD on the market for reducing post-operative inflammation/effusion, and maintaining long term joint health'

Dr Frederick W. Benker, DVM

‘I have used the Epiitalis Gel on 10 different horses and found amazing results with 9 of the 10 horses in the trial showing huge improvement.  These 9 horses all have some sort of joint issues, most were retired or limping around the pasture.  Within 1 week of treatment the levels of improvement were hugely significant in all 9 of the horses.’