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Lynne Muir

 I have been using Epiitalis Forte gel for 4 months now as my horse started to show signs of slowing down. He is now 100%. I had tried another well known joint supplement prior to Epiitalis but this made no difference at all. The relief I feel at having a happy and willing horse is immense. Epiitalis Forte gel really does work.

Trish Cole

 My vet recommended commencing Epiitalis Forte gel. Olly hasn’t looked back and is happier and livelier and moving more freely than he has in years! It’s now over a year down the track and he hasn’t required any veterinary treatment and is back competing and enjoying all that life has to offer.

Abi White 

 Epiitalis Forte gel has gotten my mare back out competing when I had lost all hope. I swapped her to Epiitalis Forte gel after feeding a much more expensive supplement that seemed to make very little difference. Unlike many others, Epiitalis Forte gel does what it says on the tin and gave me light at the end of the tunnel!

Claire Deuten

 Best product on the market! Anyone with a competition horse should use it! Amazing results! Highly recommended.

 Madi Patzelt

We started Back To Balloo on Epiitalis Forte gel as he had started to feel not quite right in the mornings. He has since turned into a different horse and is running better than ever, even into his more senior years. We have nicknamed Epiitalis ‘hooligan juice’ as he feels so well! Definitely recommended.

Katie-Anne Poole

I started using Epiitalis Forte gel on my vet’s recommendation. I’ve never looked back and I now have all my horses on it - it’s so good!

Lucinda Green

Epiitalis Forte gel is an easy to administer soundness tool.

 Nicky Sleight

Epiitalis Forte gel is the only supplement I could feel starting to work. My horse is going better than ever and has just finished 4 days of horse camp and is happy, sound and still ready to work.

Beth Grimwood 

My 7yo has been using Epiitalis Forte gel since last summer and is now back to full fitness. The results have been fantastic. 

CLH Equestrian

I have just started using Epiitalis Forte gel on my 10yo PSG Horse. We look for new ways to keep him at top level performance. I have noticed a marked improvement in his way of going which is great to see. Totally recommend this product to anyone who is after a joint supplement.

Anna Farrell

My vet suggested Epiitalis Forte gel. After three tubes he was like a different horse and totally happy. We’ve even managed to start jumping again!

Kate Green

My 8yo warmblood was put on Epiitalis Forte gel and I’m convinced that it has helped. So much so that we have started our 7yo ex-racehorse on it as well. 

Natasha Storr 

I use Epiitalis Forte gel on my race horses. I can’t recommend it enough.

Marion Bush 

 I am very cynical about ‘wonder products’ that claim to produce miracles... However two weeks in to using the gel, my horse is looking and feeling more supple, relaxed and confident. I guess he must be more comfortable... Hmmm... I hate admitting I'm wrong! It seems this ‘wonder product’ might just actually work!

Kate Stringer

I could feel the difference in my 15yo advanced medium horse within a week of using Epiitalis Forte gel, he felt more supple and has more fluidity in his movements. He is not a conventional dressage horse and Epiitalis really helps to keep him happy in his work.






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