Showjumping Testimonials

Just a few testimonials from our happy showjumping customers.

Amanda Millin

I love Epiitalis Forte gel!  I just rode my Grand Prix horse and he felt amazing. He was so loose and springy in his step – it is incredible to get such a rideable difference in such a short time from an oral supplement. I really think this is something that would be of great advantage to Showjumping horses, supporting their joints as they campaign. I’m definitely going to continue using Epiitalis on my team.

Damian Vause

 My 15 year old Showjumper Roscoe has started to struggle over the last 2 years especially on the day after competing. On the recommendation of Amanda Millin he started on Epiitalis Forte gel and we’re already seeing a big improvement. He comes out of the box happy the day after jumping a bigger class again.

 Gemma Dennis 

 I've been so impressed with the Epiitalis Forte gel on a couple of my horses. It has let my older horse have a comfortable field retirement. I was that impressed with the results that I've been giving it to my other Showjumper Cobey as a support. Even though she has no known issues, she has been looking and feeling amazing on it, striding out and really taking the fences on. I've recommended it to a number of friends who have also had amazing results from it and I will continue to recommend a product that I can finally see works.

Hugo Lennard

 In my opinion, Epiitalis Forte gel is the best joint supplement around. My horses feel supple and springy, hence they are now jumping bigger classes while on the supplement, having less poles and generally being much more willing. I noticed a rideable difference within a week of feeding the supplement. It is apple flavoured, so it enjoyed by the fussiest of eaters. I would never think of taking my horses off the gel, I have not noticed a change like this from any other supplement in the past. I highly recommend Epiitalis to all involved within the equine community.

Karen Dickson

I’ve been using Epiitalis Forte gel since December on my older mare. With the gel she is still happily competing showjumping and every morning when I turn her out, she gallops around the field like a 2 year old!

Megan Cowan

I first discovered Epiitalis Forte gel on my Grade A showjumper, the difference within the first week was amazing. He is so much happier and feels incredible when jumping now! We also use it as a support for my younger showjumper too and have also noticed outstanding results in her performance. Best product ever!

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