Racing Testimonials

Darren Weir, Melbourne Cup winning trainer, Victoria, Australia

‘I have been using 4CYTE™Epiitalis® in a number of my horses after it was introduced to my stable by our veterinarians at Ballarat several years ago. 4CYTE™Epiitalis® was put forward as a joint health supplement with extensive scientific research to back up the product. I use 4CYTE™Epiitalis in the young horses to aid in preventing the onset of degenerative joint disease. In the older athletes 4CYTE™ Epiitalis® helps maintain joint health and is especially useful following joint surgeries.

The level of scientific research behind 4CYTE™Epiitalis® means what I am giving my horses is actually 
benefitting them. Many products claim various benefits but few have in depth research to back them up as 
is the case with 4CYTE™Epiitalis®. 4CYTE™Epiitalis® is a part of our daily regime for many of my horses using it
 as a prevention against joint disorders as well as a treatment for any horses with signs of joint inflammation. I have no hesitation in recommending 4CYTE™Epiitalis® and congratulate Interpath on this product.’

Mythmaker from Bryan Smart Racing, Yorkshire, winning on Epiitalis Forte gel

Bryan & Vicky Smart of Bryan Smart Racingstarted usingEpiitalis® Forte gel after buying several tubes at a4CYTE UK sponsored education evening early 2016. They used these gels on a couple of older horses who, due to their age, were harder to keep in winning form. Both of these horses went on to win races and maintain fitness throughout their campaign. Therefore they decided to increase their usage ofEpiitalis Forte in 2017, maintaining that the small financial cost is far outweighed by the increased performance. With three placegetters from three starters the weekend before this column was written (18th June 2017) the results speak for themselves.