Racehorse Testimonials

A small selection of testimonials from happy racehorse trainers.

Bryan Smart Racing

We are still on a high following Alpha Delphini's win in the Group 1 Nunthorpe at York last week but cannot let this moment go without thanking everyone that made this win possible. Keeping a horse like Alpha Delphini fit, sound,  healthy and able  to race at the highest level is the result of a huge team effort and 4CYTE’s Epiitalis Forte gel has been a major part of our team since we were introduced to it by Shiwon Green last year. The fact that Alpha Delphini is continuing to improve and winning at the highest level at the age of 7yo is testament to the benefits of using Epiitalis Forte gel on a daily basis in his feed. 4CYTE is without a doubt the most effective joint supplement that we have tried and we now use it on any horse that needs a bit of extra help with their joint mobility. We choose 4CYTE above any other neutraceutical and even our dogs benefit from having it added  to their daily treats. It is very palatable and easy to  use and I would recommend it to anyone considering trying a joint supplement for their horse.

 ‘Having trialled it last year on a few horses we now choose 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel in preference to any other products because it is so effective and actually does what it says on the packet.’




Hannah Bishop

 'Having heard lots of positive feedback about Epiitalis Forte gel, I decided to give this a try on a couple of our older horses that have usual older horse aches, pains & stiffness. Being a total cynic I thought it would be an expensive experiment and like most supplements a waste of money but would make me feel better; however I wanted to see what all the hype was about. Incredibly - both horses have had extremely positive responses.

They are kept in different yards, with different lifestyles, but both are swinging, fresh and moving better than they have done for years consistently. My farrier thought the one at home had had his joints medicated, he was so much easier to shoe behind after 3 weeks on the gel. 

It’s a great supplement for racing - it’s legal to run horses on which means it’s ideal for any RoR competition horses too.'

 Madi Patzelt

 We started Back To Balloo on 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel as he had started to be stiff and often would be intermittently lame on a morning. He has since turned into a different horse and is running better than ever, even into his more senior years. We have nicknamed Epiitalis ‘hooligan juice’ as he feels so well! Definitely recommended.

Natasha Storr

 I use Epiitalis Forte gel on my race horses. I can’t recommend it enough a couple have gone from joint injections every month to nothing bar this supplement.

Darren Weir, Melbourne Cup winning racehorse trainer

 The level of scientific research behind 4CYTE™Epiitalis® means I know that what I am giving my horses is actually benefitting them. Many products claim various benefits but few have in depth research to back them up as is the case with 4CYTE™Epiitalis®. 4CYTE™Epiitalis® is a part of our daily regime for many of my horses using it
 as a prevention against joint disorders as well as a treatment for any horses with signs of joint inflammation.