Poor Performance

Non-specific lameness/Poor performance

 There is nothing more frustrating than the horse that is not quite right. While the ideal scenario is a diagnosed cause for under performance, some issues prove impossible to pinpoint. Your horse may start to show negative behaviours such as unwillingness to go forward, refusing to jump with normal freedom, less inclination to flexion or an almost imperceptible alteration in gait. Sometimes there is nothing physical at all to observe, and subsequent poor performance is attributed to a training or psychological issue.

When all physical investigations have not given you a solution, including a full lameness exam, proper saddle fitting, dental care, feed analysis and appropriate level of fitness, considering Epiitalis Forte gel to help them feel more comfortable globally might be your next step.

 While Epiitalis is designed to help with the physical effects of the daily demands of training, this can also transfer through to the psychological part of the equation. With the primary driving force of the horse to always look for comfort – a motivator we use every day in training, by making the work more comfortable for them, we can often remove some of the perceived mental blockages to progress, or reverse poor form.

 Even riders of horses without known issues have reported a rideable improvement in function, mobility and recovery within the first week. They report their horses are more willing to jump big tracks, even at the end of a long and stressful show, event horses are recovering from gallop days faster and dressage horses are showing increased stride length and cadence.


International event rider, Hayley Parker, was one of these riders.


Perhaps the best testimonial of a horse returning to top form after an unexplained drop off in performance comes from another Team 4CYTE rider, Rebecca Bell, who used Epiitalis Forte gel on her young & talented mare, Nibeley Union Hit. As a footnote to the testimonial below, Rebecca & Una went on to place 2nd in all three tests in the CDI-J at Hickstead and were the highest placed British combination in each class. A fairy tale ending for a horse who at one stage was destined for the broodmare field.

 Rebecca explains: 

'When we bought Una as an exciting prospect back in 2013, we weren't sure what the future would hold, but it's been more of a rollercoaster than I could ever have imagined! Mid 2014 she was not loving dressage either physically or mentally, and after she spent some time with my trainer Caron who worked to boost her confidence, we all decided that a break was what she really needed. She spent 10 months doing nothing other than being a horse, and the change was unbelievable. She grew another 2 inches aged 7 and became far more mellow on the ground. However, her ridden future was uncertain. We hadn't ruled out her coming back into work but the consideration that she may have had to become a broodmare was a very real one. 
Over the winter of 2015, she began light lunging and pole work, and attending the water treadmill at Hartpury. Whilst I focused on Tango, Chloe began hacking and cross training her and her strength gradually improved. Things were looking more and more promising, but the real test was getting her back in the arena. When I first rode her again in May 2016 I could barely get her to trot in a constant rhythm without fretting and rushing, and any collected work got her very wound up. I firmly believe that the introduction of 4CYTE's Epiitalis Forte gel to her diet was a turning point. She began to trust me that the harder work wasn't going to hurt or be too difficult, and her training progressed. The flying changes have been the biggest step for her, hence why I competed at medium this year to build her confidence. I certainly wasn't expecting a National title at the level so that really is testament to how well she's bounced back! Recently, she's taken the transition to advanced medium in her stride and is now working on the PSG movements. Given her history, without the physical confidence given by 4CYTE's active ingredient, Epiitalis, I'm not sure that I would have been able to regain her mental confidence to compete at this level. Our selection for Hickstead CDI is the best outcome I could have dreamt of and I hope that it is an indicator of things to come. I know that I'll be wearing my waterproof mascara (!) because however it goes, we've only got there thanks to an amazing group of people and the amazing will power of my special horse, and that makes me very emotional.'




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