Keeping the Racehorse on Track

Keeping the racehorse fit and on track throughout its career is always a challenge. With a large workload on the horses’ physique from an early age, only the fittest and best manage even make it to race day, let alone have a career of longevity. Therefore it is imperative that the best support is provided from day one.

Many factors affect your racehorses’ soundness from genetics to training and fitness to excellent farriery and veterinary care. You will all have excellent programmes in place addressing these issues and will be looking for something more to give you the edge. With huge investments by owners & trainers in time and money into every single horse in your stable, you need some insurance.

Epiitalis® Forte gel is the new ‘Super Power’ in equine joint health with a brand new active ingredient. Epiitalis® is backed by years of research into its safety & efficacy and holds two international patents. Epiitalis Forte gel is endorsed by Vets & Vet surgeons worldwide, and will not test positive.

Degeneration of the cartilage surface is the cause of up to 60% of all equine lameness presentations, whether the degeneration be caused by injury, infection, disease processes such as osteochondrosis (OCD) or simply the micro-abrasions of daily wear and tear. It is exacerbated by the body’s own inflammatory response with the enzymes produced being responsible for further loss of integrity if they remain elevated. In order to repair the damage that occurs to the cartilage surface, chondrocytes are required. For more information on chondrocytes and their properties, click here. Essentially they are vital components of the cartilage matrix.

‘Repair relies on the multiplication potential of chondrocytes’ (Nathan Wei, MD, FACP, FACR)

Epiitalis is safe for long-term use with no known side effects or contra-indications. It can be used alongside any treatment modality. There have been multiple race winners using this product in their preparation both in the UK and globally. Epiitalis® Forte gel is the only supplement to contain the trademarked and patented Epiitalis®, the proprietary oil extract from the seed of Biota Orientalis.


Pictured below, Mythmaker from Bryan Smart Racing, winning on Epiitalis Forte gel.


Epiitalis® Forte gel is an oral supplement that can be given by oral syringe or added directly on to the feed. The supplement consists simply of the active ingredient Epiitalis® in a soya oil gel suspension with some apple flavouring. It is very palatable, with no known side effects and has undergone trials showing it to be safe for long-term use. It is a very small, once daily dose having minimal impact on your routine and pocket. It is sold in 236gm tubes which is approximately 2 month supply, although we do recommend a loading dose of 8gms for the first two weeks, meaning the initial tube will last around 6 weeks. Click here to purchase.

Bryan & Vicky Smart of Bryan Smart Racingstarted using Epiitalis® Forte gel after buying several tubes at a 4CYTE UK sponsored education evening early 2016. They used these gels on a couple of older horses who, due to their age, were harder to keep in winning form. Both of these horses went on to win races and maintain fitness throughout their campaign. Therefore they decided to increase their usage of Epiitalis Forte in 2017, maintaining that the small financial cost is far outweighed by the increased performance. With three placegetters from three starters the weekend before this column was written (18th June 2017) the results speak for themselves.

Another keen advocate of using Epiitalis® in the management of his racing team is Darren Weir, the leading trainer from Victoria, Australia and trainer of the 2015 Melbourne Cup winner, Prince of Penzance.

‘I have been using 4CYTE™Epiitalis® in a number of my horses after it was introduced to my stable by our veterinarians at Ballarat several years ago. 4CYTE™Epiitalis® was put forward as a joint health supplement with extensive scientific research to back up the product. I use 4CYTE™Epiitalis in the young horses to aid in preventing the onset of degenerative joint disease. In the older athletes 4CYTE™ Epiitalis® helps maintain joint health and is especially useful following joint surgeries.

The level of scientific research behind 4CYTE™Epiitalis® means what I am giving my horses is actually 
benefitting them. Many products claim various benefits but few have in depth research to back them up as 
is the case with 4CYTE™Epiitalis®. 4CYTE™Epiitalis® is a part of our daily regime for many of my horses using it
 as a prevention against joint disorders as well as a treatment for any horses with signs of joint inflammation. I have no hesitation in recommending 4CYTE™Epiitalis® and congratulate Interpath on this product.’

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