Although the leading cause of lameness presentations in horses is joint disease such as osteoarthritis (link) the next most common is traumatic injury. Joint specific injuries are rare, but penetrating wounds (such as thorns) and sprains and non-lethal fractures do occur. Most injuries are to the soft or connective tissues, e.g. tendon & ligaments. While the primary function of Epiitalis is as joint support, many people are adding Epiitalis Forte gel to their treatment programme with excellent results.

 Users are reporting reduced rehabilitation times, more comprehensive outcomes and sustained returns to full performance. 4CYTE have undergone extensive research into the effects of Epiitalis on the joint capsule, primarily because it is a big space and it is easy to withdraw fluid and quantify the effects of administration. It is not as clear cut to gain data in relation to soft & connective tissue response. The theories as to why Epiitalis might assist are many, however the agreed benefit to the horse of generally being able to move and perform in an improved biomechanical manner when joint health is appropriately addressed, resulting in less strain being placed on the healing structure is the most accepted.

Epiitalis Forte gel is endorsed by veterinarians and vet surgeons.

 Epiitalis Forte gel is safe to use on any horse, alongside any other treatment, for long periods of time and its convenient gel formulation with small daily dosing means that it can be added to feed or syringed directly into the mouth for those on a restricted diet.



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