Systemic illness can strike without warning and the effects can often be devastating. Not only the impact of the illness itself, the effect of treatments and confinement can often cause even more damage than the disease process. The most common cause of career ending and life threatening outcomes for the horse is laminitis.

 Although the trigger for laminitis varies, the cause of this debilitating disease is reduced blood flow to the laminae caused by an acute inflammatory response. The treatment of laminitis must always start with an urgent call to your vet, administration of the medication prescribed and keeping the horse as constrained as possible on very deep, soft bedding.

Once the acute phase is passed, discuss with your vet if they think ongoing support with Epiitalis® is an option. Epiitalis® may assist by reducing the ongoing inflammatory response. It is also very safe to use, with no identified side effects and no contra-indications, meaning it can be combined with any other treatment recommended. Because of these facts, Epiitalis® may also be of use as a preventative at the onset of illness or confinement.  

Epiitalis® Forte gel is convenient to administer, either adding the small daily dose to the hard feed or syringing directly into the mouth for those on a restricted diet.


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