Epiitalis - The Science

Epiitalis is a new active ingredient promoting joint health. It is patented for its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to proliferate chondrocytes in the inflamed environment. It is trademarked and only available in 4CYTE products. For more information on Epiitalis Forte gel please visit the page linked here. Research into Epiitalis has been underway for many years in a number of different establishments and by a variety of researchers. The briefs of the studies and trials below represent just a small amount of this research. 

Please note that 4CYTE does not make any claims about Epiitalis, these studies and the findings published are the researchers own conclusions.

Click the titles below to access the briefs.

2007 - In Vitro study on the effects of Biota Orientalis (Epiitalis) on cartilage explant in a simulated inflammatory environment.

2009 - In Vivo study on the clinical effects of a Dietary Nutraceutical (DN) containing Epiitalis on joints with a stimulated inflammation using an IL-1 protocol. 

2013 - Clinical trial (Post Surgical) on the effects of a DN containing Epiitalis on the levels of PGE2 and other inflammatory markers in joints after bone chip removal.

2013 - Clinical trial comparing the effects of 4CYTE and an NSAID on the clinical effects of osteoarthritis in canines.

2015 - Clinical trial testing the effects of Epiitalis Forte gel on horses with diagnosed osteoarthritis.

If you'd like more information on any of these studies or Epiitalis please email the office on info@4cytevet.co.uk

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