Epiitalis Forte Gel - Is It Safe?

This is part one of a two part article looking at joint supplements, their composition and safety. Part two is linked below.

Epiitalis Forte gel - is it safe?

As a responsible horse owner the first priority should always be your horses’ health. When looking at a new therapy it pays to bear in mind the Hippocratic oath that all physicians take – ‘First, do no harm’. So how confident can you be that Epiitalis Forte is safe for your horse?

The formulation of Epiitalis Forte gel is extremely simple. There are no hidden ingredients, no unnecessary fillers or binders, no added extras at all. It is simply the plant based active ingredient, Epiitalis which is the specially extracted and treated (with a patented proprietary process) oil from a conifer seed, a soya oil gel suspension which has been chosen because if its inert stability and consistency in a variety of environmental conditions, and some apple flavouring for palatability.

Epiitalis has been fully tested for safety. In one trial a group of horses was fed 5 times the recommended dose for 3 months. Not a single side effect or negative impact was noted either clinically or through blood and urine sampling. Epiitalis is safe to feed to horses of all ages and will not impact systemically in any way, which is especially important for those wanting to use it long term, where regular anti-inflammatories are not suitable because of the risk of ulceration and other digestive upsets.

Part two - The toxicity dilemma 

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