Dressage Testimonials

From Prelim to Grand Prix, 4yo to veteran, here is some of the feedback we have from our delighted dressage customers.

Katie Johnston

I have been using Epiitalis Forte gel for my dressage horse for a few years now. He is working at Inter 1 and training towards Grand Prix. We were initially introduced to it by our Vet and now swear by it. On Epiitalis Forte gel he feels supple and his way of moving and how he uses himself are entirely different. When we run out I can definitely feel the difference. It’s very hard work at this level and he gets up every day feeling like a 4yo when he is on it. He has the 4gm maintenance dose daily but on the run up to bigger competitions when he’s going to have more travelling and different surfaces to work on he goes up to 6 or 8gms. We rely on Epiitlais Forte gel. It is not cheap, but I’m prepared to live on beans and toast if needs be as it is worth it. This is the best joint supplement I have ever given any horse I’ve trained and not only do I recommend it to anyone I talk to, I encourage anyone reading this who is on the fence to just go do it! The difference is clear within about 7-10 days and you won’t be disappointed.

Emma Butcher 

I was looking for something to help support my 12 year old dressage horse and keep him comfortable. I have tried several joint supplements previously and couldn't say that I had noticed any difference except to my bank balance! I saw the reviews for Epiitalis Forte gel and thought I'd give it a go but was fully expecting it to be another waste of money. However, within a couple of weeks he was feeling much looser, able to work comfortably and offering better work than he had been previously. This effect has only improved as time has gone on, and what is more telling is that if I run out and he has a few days off it he starts to show signs of reverting back to his old way of going. So thank you for giving him the best chance of staying happy and moving, one product where you definitely can believe the hype!!

Jenni Zawadzka

I heard about Epiitalis Forte gel through social media and after having to use double doses of other well-known supplements to help keep my 4yr old  comfortable, I thought it was worth a shot. We have never looked back and now instead of being a happy hack we have high hopes of moving up the levels in British dressage. I couldn't thank enough and neither can he! 

Kate Stringer

I could feel the difference in my 15yo advanced medium horse within a week of using Epiitalis Forte gel, he felt more supple and has more fluidity in his movements. He is not a conventional dressage horse and really helps to keep him happy in his work.

CLH Equestrian

I have just started using Epiitalis Forte gel on my 10yo PSG Horse. We look for new ways to keep him at top level performance. I have noticed a marked improvement in his way of going which is great to see. Totally recommend this product to anyone who is after a joint supplement.

Adrienne D

My boy went from a horse that was on the verge of retirement to one that feels like a 3 year old. This is with just 2 months of Epiitalis Forte gel! My dressage scores went from low 50s to mid 60s.

Steph Taylor

I’ve had Dazzle (16 years old working Intermediate I) on Epiitalis Forte gel for about 10 months & can’t believe the difference, he’s so much more supple than he ever used to be and is finding the work so much easier now. We’ve had such great results that two of my liveries have also put their horses on the gel.

Alex Bonnell

I started using Epiitalis Forte gel on my 20 year old Irish. I’m really impressed! He feels supple and happy and not only did he and I do our first ever advanced test but last week he went cantering the beach. Both I never thought we’d do again.

Lucie Cuthbert 

I have been using Epiitalis Forte gel for over 4 months now on my 15yo advanced dressage schoolmaster. He always used to start a schooling session a little stiff. With the gel he feels amazing! Another livery has noticed the difference in my horse and has put her horse on it too, which I think says it all. I literally can’t be without it now!

Olivia Pile 

In December I went to a dressage clinic and Xaile was so unwilling the instructor recommended retiring him. However Epiitalis Forte gel has transformed him. To the point we achieved a lifetime goal of mine at the weekend by competing at medium, even better we came home with a red rosette. He’s my horse of a lifetime and I’m so grateful Epiitalis has helped us get here.


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