Chondrocytes & Cartilage Repair

 So what exactly are chondrocytes and why are they important?

 Chondrocytes are polymorphic cells that form cartilage that help reduce friction between bones and therefore joints move smoothly. They produce & maintain the extracellular cartilage matrix which are the cells and extracellular fibres in an amorphous (shapeless) substance that keep the cartilage healthy.

 Chondrocytes are a very important component in the mammalian structure. Without them, there is no cartilage, which means that some bones wouldn’t be held together by anything. Friction would also be greatly increased, causing discomfort with movement.

 Contrary to historical belief, cartilage does regenerate, however because cartilage is avascular, it is very slow. All the resources have to come externally.

‘Repair relies on the multiplication potential of chondrocytes’. (Nathan Wei, MD, FACP, FACR)


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