Arthritis Testimonials

 Below is just a small selection of testimonials from genuine U.K. based customers using Epiitalis Forte gel.

Angela L Craney 

I was skeptical about trying yet another ‘wonder’ product. My 25 yr old man has been hoof/fetlock sore for 3 years due to arthritis and I am reluctant to keep him on bute. This year with the hard ground he had a few weeks where he could barely walk and wouldn’t come out of his stable and comfort mats. After 5 days on Epiitalis Forte gel he asked to stay out overnight. He never asks to stay out overnight! He was even 90% sound. He’s happy and smiling again, as am I. It’s still early days for my horse, he’s been on it for 3 weeks now, but I could cry at seeing him being a happy, normal horse again.

Anna Farrell

 My horse has had a kissing spine operation and arthritis in the hocks and fetlocks. He was put on permanent Bute but then the vet suggested Epiitalis Forte gel. He is now off the Bute and after three tubes was like a different horse and totally sound. We’ve even managed to start jumping again!

Claire Rowland

 My mare has recently had to have several injections in her hocks, and after a recommendation I put her on Epiitalis Forte gel as a support. She looked amazing but I genuinely wasn't sure if it was the gel or just the injections themselves, so when things got a bit tight financially it seemed the perfect opportunity to try her without it... Big mistake!! The difference was clear, so now I shall just have to work double shifts to keep her on it as she looks a million times better!

Deb Green

After a long winter in 2017 when my horse Rio was diagnosed with arthritis in his coffin joint we heard about Epiitalis Forte gel. We are now on our 4th tube and I have seen big improvements. After thinking I may never ride Rio again we have entered a Dressage Anywhere competition and are having lots of fun. Thank you Fenlandz Health!

Gemma Wiggins Williams

 Hudsone has been on Epiitalis Forte gel for 10 months now and at 22 he’s still taking on new disciplines, the latest being tentpegging. Having been diagnosed with hock arthritis in 2016 we’d had good results medicating the joints but I was keen to find something to provide a consistent level of support. Since starting the gel there’s been no need to repeat HA or Osphos injections. Hudson is performing beyond expectation and loving new challenges. Thank you Fenlandz Health!



Helen Pratley

I’ve been using this product for over a year on my mare who has arthritis in most joints but particularly her hocks and neck. She also has navicular. She has been much more comfortable and is happy to be ridden again.

Lara Jones 

My 14yr old warmblood gelding has arthritis in his near fore fetlock and hock. He was intermittently lame when I rode him and not good for dressage anymore let alone any other competition but after using Epiitalis Forte gel he was sound after 4 weeks and is back out competing again.

Lucie Cuthbert 

I have been using Epiitalis Forte gel for over 4 months now on my advanced dressage schoolmaster. He always used to start a schooling session a little stiff at 15 with arthritis in both hocks, who wouldn’t… but with the gel he feels amazing! Another livery has noticed the difference in my horse and has put her horse on it too, which I think says it all. I literally can’t be without it now!


Lynne Muir

I have been using Epiitalis Forte gel for 4 months now as my horse was intermittently lame and investigations showed arthritic changes in his near fore coffin joint. He is now 100% sound. I had tried another well known joint supplement prior to Epiitalis but this made no difference at all. The relief I feel at having a sound and happy horse is immense. This product really does work.


Megan Cowan

I first discovered Epiitalis Forte gel when my Grade A began have issues due to arthritis, the difference within the first week was amazing. He is so much happier and feels incredible when jumping now! We also use it as a preventative for my younger showjumper too and have also noticed outstanding results in her performance. Best product ever!

Trish Cole, Show Cob, Yorkshire

Olly, my 15 year old show cob and once in a lifetime friend has never had a lame day in his life so when he presented last June short striding and with a noticeable nod at trot, I was devastated. After investigations he was diagnosed with bone spurs on both his front fetlocks. My vet decided to treat him with an Osphos joint injection but also recommended commencing Epiitalis Forte gel. He hasn’t looked back and is happier and livelier and moving more freely than he has in years! It’s now over a year down the track and he hasn’t required any more veterinary treatment and is back competing and enjoying all that life has to offer.



Joshua Smith, Polocrosse player, Gloucestershire.

Joshua started his 15hh 16 year old Argentinian polocrosse pony 'Ballerina', on Epiitalis Forte gel at the recommendation of our physio. Ballerina suffered a pelvic injury as a youngster and has an unusual way of moving and can get quite stiff. Ballerina went from finishing one tournament tired, stiff and hardly able to walk on the lorry to go home, to within 3 weeks of starting Epiitalis Forte gel finishing her next tournament as if she hadn't played.We will certainly be keeping Ballerina on Epiitalis Forte whilst she continues to play polocrosse and would definitely recommend it.

Damien Cain, Vet Partner, Yorkshire

'When I was first informed of another wiz bang joint supplement entering the market 12 months ago I naturally rolled my eyes and huffed. I took slightly more interest after reading the scientific evidence provided but it wasn’t until I saw some of my respected colleagues in referral hospitals endorsing the product that I decided to give it a try.

I still needed to see the results for my own eyes, so I handed over the Epiitalis® Forte gel (with a disclosure spiel!) to several horses with DJD. To my surprise it wasn't long before the clients reported that their horses had responded really well to the treatment and were re-ordering.

Most of my clientele are pleasure horses, loved to death by their owners but unfortunately they are an aging population. I have found Epiitalis® a fabulous product in the management of degenerative joint disorders. The anti-inflammatory effect enables a reduction in the dependency on NSAIDS such as bute, whilst the proactive effects on the chondrocytes ensure long term joint support.

I have not had any issues with palatability and it is priced extremely competitively in the supplement market. There are no miracle cures for arthritis but I find Epiitalis® Forte gel a great adjunct to the veterinary management of joint related disorders.'

Hani Milstein, Vet Partner, Wiltshire.

'My caseload is predominantly first opinion and more complex referral hospital lameness. We don’t sell many supplements as a practice, however I really liked what I heard and read about the theory at joint level, science and serious approach behind Epiitalis Forte. The clinical response and positive feedback from clients across a range of cases has been remarkable, from poor performance to overt lameness, sports horses in their prime to older horses with numerous issues. Clients are so impressed, they ask if their other horses could also try it and more than once I’ve been asked if a human form exists! It’s great to have such an effective, safe and exciting, competition legal product in our dispensary.' 


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