4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel - all testimonials

If you’re still looking for some reassurance that 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gelreally is as good as people say, you might find some on this page. All the following are genuine testimonials from UK customers.


The first group are testimonials received on our social media feed recently.


‘This stuff has been a game changer on our yard’ #epiitalistestimonial from Jenny

‘This is great stuff, definitely makes a difference!’ #epiitalistestimonial from Suzey

‘Our Connie Hero has never been so happy – must be this, he’s been on it for a month now!’ #epiitalistestimonial from Jenni

‘She’s still on it, and it’s still superb! Moving like a dream.’ #epiitalistestimonial from Ali

‘My 18yo arthritic mare feels like a 5yr old since being on this product. Can’t believe it!’ #epiitalistestimonial from Jo

‘I’m usually cynical about this sort of thing! But you can’t argue with the improved performance!’ #epiitalistestimonial from Sara

‘Love this stuff. Changed my pony’s life.’ #epiitalistestimonial from Bethany

‘It’s working wonders on my 22yr old show horse… he’s feeling fabulous.’ #epiitalistestimonial from Louise

‘My Spanish stallion has shown huge improvement in his movement since we started using Epiitalis Forte gel.” #epiitalistestimonial from Pamella

‘Best stuff, can’t recommend it enough, kept my horse sound. Definitely worth the cost.’ #epiitalistestimonial from Annaliese

‘Amazing product. Really noticed a difference since using it. My boy is flying around at his best!’ #epiitalistestimonial from Christine

‘I do recommend this. My 20yo warmblood has a touch of arthritis. Been on this for a couple of months. Huge improvement.’ #epiitalistestimonial from Moira

‘It’s amazing! Cracker is a different horse on it – hope it works for Pickle, too.’ #epiitalistestimonial from Ellie

‘It really made a difference to my 28yo, who’d been retired for some years due to her arthritis.’ #epiitalistestimonial from Lorraine

‘Epiitalis is fantastic. It has given our boy a new lease on life. Amazing’ #epiitalistestimonial from Cathy

‘I’ve just ordered my second batch. Can’t believe the difference it has made to my pony who has OCD in his stifle and arthritis in his hock. Love this gel.’ ’ #epiitalistestimonial from Helen

‘Highly Recommended, it definitely helped my boy with his arthritis and enabled him to come back into work.’ ’ #epiitalistestimonial from Adie

‘I changed my horse onto Epiitalis Forte gel and it’s amazing. It’s given him a new lease of life. I would recommend this to anyone.’ ’ #epiitalistestimonial from Jill

‘All I can say is this is an amazing supplement. Had a dressage lesson on my horse this morning and he felt amazing. Thank you Fenlandz Health.’ ’ #epiitalistestimonial from Donna

‘I have put our 13yo dressage mare on Epiitalis. She has had hock and neck injected previously. 6 weeks and I can’t believe what a joy it is to ride her and how well she feels in herself! Fantastic!’ ’ #epiitalistestimonial from Debbie

‘The clicking in his fetlocks stopped within about 3 weeks and I saw a real difference within 4 weeks. Last year all his dressage sheets said ‘tight’ or ‘stiff’ and this year the first test we did said ‘super active horse!’ I would never take him off it now – it’s not cheap but it works for us.’ ’ #epiitalistestimonial from Ellie

‘My boy of 26 has gradually been getting stiffer and it’s very sad to see. I started him on this last Monday and yesterday I brought him in to assess. Well, the difference is mind boggling. He looks bright and switched on and trotted down the lane easy peasy. I’ve tried other supplements without success but am completely over the moon to have my boy back.’ ’ #epiitalistestimonial from Hilary


These are some of the testimonials sent into us over the past couple of years after introducing 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel to the UK market.


Abi White 

4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel has gotten my mare back out competing when I had lost all hope. I swapped her to 4CYTE after feeding a much more expensive supplement that seemed to make very little difference. Unlike many others, 4CYTE does what it says on the tin and gave me light at the end of the tunnel!

Abigail Hardy

My boy had to be fully retired last year at just 15. He has 5% cartilage in all components of his stifle. The vets told us it must be genetic as he hasn’t ever been ridden that hard for it to have deteriorated because of work. He also tore his cruciate ligament from the top to the bottom in half – he doesn’t do things by halves! When he first got home from Rainbow, they sent us with 2 tubes of 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel. He was dog lame! Now, around 10 months later, I can now gently walk him and even try a little trot every now and again. This stuff is amazing! It’s given me a happy hacker that will go for miles in walk without a bother. I was devastated to think I would bever sit on him again, but because of 4CYTE we can now enjoy a semi-retired life!

Adrienne D

My boy went from a horse that was on the verge of retirement to one that feels like a 3 year old. This is with just 2 months of Epiitalis Forte gel! My dressage scores went from low 50s to mid 60s.

Alex Bonnell

I started using 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel on my 20 year old Irish to see if I could avoid re medication of hocks. I’m really impressed! He feels supple and happy and not only did he and I do our first ever advanced test but last week he went cantering the beach. Both I never thought we’d do again.

Ali Burden-Blake 

I had been looking around the market place for a joint supplement with some real science behind it. My mare didn’t have any real issues, but at 13 I wanted to be proactive. I went with Epiitalis Forte gel. A huge part of my choice was the amazing write ups it was getting. Bunny had had one week of loading dose and it was like sitting on a different horse. She moves well already, but even my farrier was amazed during her next run up. She has continued to be loose and bouncy (more bouncy than usual lol!) and she feels like she is having an easier time carrying me, it’s wonderful. I’m over the moon!

Alison Hinchliffe

My ten year old warmblood X mare has displaced C3/4 and displayed neurological symptoms. She has been on 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel for nearly three weeks and the symptoms are negligible. She started ridden rehab four days ago, Fingers crossed but so far, so good. I had given up hope of ever riding again, never mind dancing between the white boards. Now, I dare to dream. Thank you Rainbow Equine Hospital for recommending Epiitalis Forte gel.

Aly Hall

Medburn Singer – Flash to his friends – is a homebred 7 year old Thoroughbred, who we have retrained for Dressage since he finished his race career as a three-year old.

He was doing well and in early June 2017 won the Hickstead Masters Medium semi-final, however after this he began to deteriorate a little and at the end of June he was placed 6th Elementary and 7th Medium at the Masters Finals but soon lost the shine to his coat and became very sore through his muscles and joints. 

This competition was during that very hot spell, the ground had become very hard and we had to withdraw our entry to the BD Hickstead Regional Championship scheduled for July and I have to say I was really quite worried about him.

I took him to see Hani Milstein at the Endell Equine Hospital and after examination she suggested that I try 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte Gel.

I started Flash on 8gm per day as instructed and reduced that to 4gm after two weeks.  Slowly but surely he improved until finally I saw his natural athletic movement come back when catching him in from the field – it was such a relief.

We have just returned from Bury Farm, who also held a Summer Regional Championship, where Flash was definitely back on form with a great swing in his stride. Despite dismal weather and a small mistake, he came 2nd in the Elementary Silver section – amazing for a Thoroughbred up against all those big moving warm bloods!

So a big thanks to Hani and Epiitalis Forte gel for getting my favourite (ex)racehorse back on track! I would happily recommend Epiitalis Forte gel to anyone as a great joint supplement and as it's competition legal you can up the dose when it really counts.

Amanda Millin

I love 4CYTE Epiitalis!  I just rode my Grand Prix horse and he felt amazing. He was so loose and springy in his step – it is incredible to get such a rideable difference in such a short time from an oral supplement. I really think this is something that would be of great advantage to Showjumping horses, supporting their joints as they campaign. I’m definitely going to continue using and Epiitalis Forte on my team.

Angela Gladding

I have been using Epiitalis Forte gel on my PSG horse now for nearly a year and the difference in him is amazing. I bred him myself, he is by Glocks Johnson and will be 10 this year. A couple of years ago after having hock X-Rays we realised his left hock was not quite fused. This was causing him to be weaker through this leg and meant I was finding it hard to keep him straight as he would compensate by twisting through his body.

He had steroid injections into the hock but the effects only lasted about a month. We then treated him with Osphos which lasted around 6 months in full effect.

My vet, Hani Milstein from Endell Equine Hospital suggested I try Epiitalis Forte gel - he was previously on a joint supplement and I have tried other supplements but nothing had made any difference – however after 2 days on Epiitalis he felt more loose and supple and I had the expression back in the trot that I had lost. I can now manage him on a combination of the gel and Osphos (which he has once a year).

We are aiming for our Inter 1 debut shortly followed by Inter 2 by the end of this year.

Angela L Craney 

I was skeptical about trying yet another ‘wonder’ product. My 25 yr old man has been hoof/fetlock sore for 3 years due to arthritis and I am reluctant to keep him on bute. This year with the hard ground he had a few weeks where he could barely walk and wouldn’t come out of his stable and comfort mats. After 5 days on Epiitalis Forte he asked to stay out overnight. He never asks to stay out overnight! He was even 90% sound. He’s happy and smiling again, as am I. It’s still early days for my horse, he’s been on it for 3 weeks now, but I could cry at seeing him being a happy, normal horse again.

Anna Farrell

My horse has had a kissing spine operation and arthritis in the hocks and fetlocks. He was put on permanent Bute but then the vet suggested Epiitalis Forte gel. He is now off the Bute and after three tubes was like a different horse and totally sound. We’ve even managed to start jumping again!

Barny Fraser, BVSc MSc CertES(Orth) DipECVS MRCVS, Vet Surgeon, Rainbow Equine Hospital.

‘I was naturally sceptical of nutraceuticals, and only agreed to trial 4CYTE because of the scientific evidence showing beneficial effects on articular cartilage. Having now used 4CYTE Epiitalis for over 7 years in many diverse cases I am firmly converted - the results speak for themselves. I recommend 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel for all post-operative arthroscopic surgery patients, old horses with multi-focal DJD, following treatment of joint sepsis, and for any horse diagnosed with a specific cartilage/synovial injury. Furthermore when trainers or competition horse owners request a product to promote joint health, Epiitalis Forte gel is the clear answer for anyone practicing evidence based medicine. In my mind 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel is the most effective DMOAD on the market for reducing post-operative inflammation/effusion, and maintaining long term joint health'

‘4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel has now replaced pentosan, HA, glucosamine and chondroitin in my clinical practice both on the grounds of evidence based medicine and clinical response.’

Beth Grimwood

My 7yo has been using 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel since his surgery last summer and is now back to full fitness. The results have been fantastic.

Bryan Smart Racing

We are still on a high following Alpha Delphini's win in the Group 1 Nunthorpe at York last week but cannot let this moment go without thanking everyone that made this win possible. Keeping a horse like Alpha Delphini fit, sound,  healthy and able  to race at the highest level is the result of a huge team effort and 4CYTE’s Epiitalis Forte gel has been a major part of our team since we were introduced to it by Shiwon Green last year. The fact that Alpha Delphini is continuing to improve and winning at the highest level at the age of 7yo is testament to the benefits of using Epiitalis Forte gel on a daily basis in his feed. 4CYTE is without a doubt the most effective joint supplement that we have tried and we now use it on any horse that needs a bit of extra help with their joint mobility. We choose 4CYTE above any other neutraceutical and even our dogs benefit from having it added  to their daily treats. It is very palatable and easy to use and I would recommend it to anyone considering trying a joint supplement for their horse.

‘Having trialled it last year on a few horses we now choose 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel in preference to any other product because it is so effective and actually does what it says on the packet.’

Cassie Snow

I got my mare almost 3 months ago, and the pre-purchase vet exam showed that she had mild bone spavins in her hocks. I didn’t let this deter me as I knew she was the right horse for me. I immediately scoured the internet and found Epiitalis Forte gel and put her straight on it to keep her joints as healthy as possible. She was sound but her movement behind wasn’t as great as it could be. 3 months later and her physio says she looks brilliant, and we even just came back from our first Hickstead show. Thank you for such a brilliant product that really helps keep joints supple and moving well, I can’t wait to see us grow together even more in the future!

Chelle Howell

I just wanted to send my warmest thanks! The best thing I did last year was discovering 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel. The difference in my boy just brings tears to my eyes: he was deteriorating quickly, moving slowly & only by dragging his feet. Understandably he was getting more grouchy & not enjoying life anymore. I began fearing the worst until I met the 4CYTE UK team at Your Horse Live. Since then the changes have been almost unbelievable, he not only walks freely (without resembling Lurch) but canters. He plays with his field buddy most days, often using 2 of his feet to box with. I’m even starting to believe I may get a little sit on him which I haven't done in 3 years. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!’

Claire Deuten

Best product on the market! Anyone with a competition horse should use it! Amazing results! Highly recommended.

Claire Rowland

My mare has recently had to have several injections in her hocks, and after a recommendation I put her on 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel as a support. She looked amazing but I genuinely wasn't sure if it was the 4CYTE or just the injections themselves, so when things got a bit tight financially it seemed the perfect opportunity to try her without it... Big mistake!! The difference was clear, so now I shall just have to work double shifts to keep her on it as she looks a million times better!

CLH Equestrian

I have just started using 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel on my 10yo PSG Horse. He has previously broken his leg in a stable accident and we look for new ways to keep him at top level performance whilst supporting his old injury. I have noticed a marked improvement in his way of going which is great to see. Totally recommend this product to anyone who is after a joint supplement.

Damian Vause

My 15 year old Showjumper Roscoe has started to struggle with Osteoarthritis over the last 2 years especially on the day after competing, with the vets telling me an operation to fuse his hocks would probably be the next step, which would mean a year out of work. On the recommendation of Amanda Millin he started on 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel and we’re already seeing a big improvement. He comes out sound the day after jumping a bigger class again.

Damien Cain, BVSc MRCVS, Vet Partner, Equine Vet Centre

‘When I was first informed of another wiz bang joint supplement entering the market 12 months ago I naturally rolled my eyes and huffed. I took slightly more interest after reading the scientific evidence provided but it wasn’t until I saw some of my respected colleagues in referral hospitals endorsing the product that I decided to give it a try.

I still needed to see the results for my own eyes, so I handed over the Epiitalis® Forte gel (with a disclosure spiel!) to several horses with DJD. To my surprise it wasn't long before the clients reported that their horses had responded really well to the treatment and were re-ordering.

Most of my clientele are pleasure horses, loved to death by their owners but unfortunately they are an aging population. I have found Epiitalis® a fabulous product in the management of degenerative joint disorders. The anti-inflammatory effect enables a reduction in the dependency on NSAIDS such as bute, whilst the proactive effects on the chondrocytes ensure long term joint support.

I have not had any issues with palatability and it is priced extremely competitively in the supplement market. There are no miracle cures for arthritis but I find Epiitalis® Forte gel a great adjunct to the veterinary management of joint related disorders.’

Danielle Butcher 

I will never be able to say enough thanks for what Epiitalis Forte gel has done for my boy! From unsound and stiff daily to this in 2 months! He has completely turned around and what’s more exciting is that I can now look to the future for him as a horse for my daughter in a few years time.

Deb Green

After a long winter in 2017 when my horse Rio was diagnosed with arthritis in his coffin joint we heard about 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel. We are now on our 4th tube and I have seen big improvements. After thinking I may never ride Rio again we have entered a Dressage Anywhere competition and are having lots of fun. Thank you Fenlandz!

Deborah Taylor

I have been using 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel for 8 months now and can definitely see an improvement in my horse’s movement. He loves it as well - I just give him it straight in his mouth everyday - he licks his lips every time.

Diane Dakeyne

I have had the back lady out today, she was amazed at the difference in my mare. From a very lame lady 10 weeks ago to a sound and happy pony having fun today. All down to your wonderful product, Epiitalis Forte gel. Thank you.

Donna West

I used Epiitalis Forte gel for a couple of months on recommendation from the vet and had some really great results. It tastes amazing too!!

Ellie Edwards

This is my 6yr old mare who started on Epiitalis almost 12 months ago due to some stifle problems, she'd been struggling walking downhills while out hacking and also in downwards transitions with her leg collapsing. Since starting her with 4cyte she is better than ever and is flying over the fences as seen in the picture below her backend is now not a worry!

I buy my gel from my John Edwards @ Cotts Equine Vets who recommended your product and will continue to use, it's super easy to administer and she loves the taste!

Thank you 4cyte for producing a great product!

Emily Culpeck

I started using 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel for my 7yo WB following an injury. He’s a big horse (17.1hh) and I want to do my best for him now ready for when he gets older. I didn’t notice a difference straight away but on the second tube I certainly did. He is moving better and it gives me peace of mind.

Emily Skill

4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel Update:

Nearly 3 months ago, I started Shimira on 4cyte gel after hearing the successes of my friend who has a horse with hock issues. I wasn't sure what to expect. For reasons which I will mention in a moment, I am generally very skeptical about supplements as we have tried so many in the past to very little effect. Bear with me and I will explain what I was looking for and why...

The Background:

Around Shimira's fifth birthday in 2013, she was suffering with intermittent lameness in her hind, right leg. One moment sound, the next not, and then back again. We pursued this with our vet and after various xrays and scans over several months, Shim was eventually sent off to hospital where she was diagnosed with bone spavin. Established changes in her right hock, and early changes in her left hock. She was treated and successfully brought back in to work.

In September 2014, after six months of hacking and learning to manage her spavin, Shimira then had an accident in her field. She ran through a fence during an overnight storm and injured her leg on an electric fencing stake, resulting in a septic joint and a fractured leg, this time her left hind. The fracture was pinned and the septic joint was treated during another stay at hospital. The recovery included nearly 4 months box rest, as well as regular xrays and treatments. The box rest was a double-edged sword. We continued to xray her hocks to monitor any changes and the prolonged periods of standing caused her right hock to fuse - excellent. However, the left bone spavin also progressed from 'moderate' to 'advanced'. Within the next 8 months, her left hock also fused. It was decided that the pin would be left, as opposed to being removed in a second later surgery, as the only downside could be arthritic changes and we were already managing this with her spavin.


From 2015 to the beginning of 2018, Shim was back in work as a normal horse would be, worked approximately 6 days a week with a mixture of hacking and schooling (and a little lunging) for the almost three years. For the most part she remained as a normal horse would but I had to be very careful on managing the surfaces I worked her on. Deep, dry surfaces were difficult for her. Occasionally she would become lame for a few steps if she took an odd step. Hard surfaces could leave her feeling stiff for a few days. I was cautious hacking in the summer, avoiding too much trot work on roads or hard fields, which might aggravate her joints. With a handful of exceptions and some sensible thinking, Shim remained a sound and happy horse. We chose arenas carefully for training and competing, employed regular physio, etc. all the normal maintenance. If she needed days off, she had days off to recover. We kept up the hock injections annually. I avoided lunging too much, as I had been warned that too much work on circles might be difficult for her.

As you can imagine, in an attempt to keep Shim as comfortable as possible I tried quite a few supplements on the market. Her body had been through a fair amount of trauma at a relatively young age. The idea was not to create miracles - the damage had been done - but just to make life as comfortable as possible for her where I could. Supplements are as individual as the horses who take them, the results can vary massively, I know. But we didn't really find anything that made an impact on her 'off' days. Hence my skepticism. There is so much on the market and it is easy to get lost in it all.

But this is where 4cyte comes in. Because in May 2018, I started Shim on the gel and the change in my horse is really something. During the time we started giving the loading dose, Shim was just not feeling as good as I wanted and I was preparing to give her time off. It didn't last - within the fortnight she was looking superb. Little things, like her 'big' trot which I got glimpses of in training, become more frequent and she was giving it willingly. She was more willing to be forward and off my leg, notable as she is normally quite a backwards horse. Even my farrier noticed a change when lifting her back legs and shoeing (previously she would snatch her legs back after too long being flexed). The progress has continued. Shim is moving incredibly well and feeling fantastic under saddle.

In any other year, with this ridiculously hot weather and very hard ground, I would have anticipated a stiff horse and to have to give her regular time off work to avoid any issues. In fact, we have had the opposite. For the first time in years, Shim has been in work consistently over the entire summer and our training and BD scores are gradually on the rise. We have been able to hack continuously over the summer without worrying with my husband too. Our school is quite deep, but we have been able to keep using it without any problems so training/homework/lessons have progressed more quickly. I'm a very happy customer and so is Shim. I'm so glad they have changed the packaging to the pouch (the tube was a pain!) and we have now also decided to bite the bullet and put my husband's horse on this too. It's worth every penny for us.

If you are in any doubt, this one really is worth a try. I don't know how it works, I don't know the science, and I am not naive enough to think it will work for every horse out there, but in a sea of supplements and all claiming miracles, 4cyte is worth paying attention to. It's been a god send.

Emma Butcher 

My 12 year old dressage horse was diagnosed with arthritis nearly 3 years ago. After having him treated I was looking for something to help support him and keep him comfortable. I have tried several joint supplements previously and couldn't say that I had noticed any difference except to my bank balance! I saw the reviews for 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel and thought I'd give it a go but was fully expecting it to be another waste of money. However, within a couple of weeks he was feeling much looser, able to work comfortably and offering better work than he had been previously. This effect has only improved as time has gone on, and what is more telling is that if I run out and he has a few days off it he starts to show signs of reverting back to his old symptoms. So thank you for giving him the best chance of staying happy and pain free, one product where you definitely can believe the hype!!

Faith Hancock

I would like to give you come feedback since using 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel on my 12 year old showjumper.

My very sharp, giddy mare started to refuse to canter in November 2016. This was out of character as lack of brakes were usually the issue with her and jumping!

After vet trips they diagnosed hock spavins, they injected her hocks 3 times over the course of 8 months. We would get her back in work  then at the 8 week mark, the unwillingness to canter would rear its head again. We did not have much hope of her coming back to jumping/competing and I was already looking at potential husbands for her!!

The latest vet visit resulted in them injecting both the lower and higher hock joints, and it was at this point I decided to try Epiitalis Forte gel as an extra boost. This was in July 2017, and although we haven’t been out competing much (this has been due to my injuries not hers this time) she is sound as a pound and back to herself!  I’ve attached a picture of us having a play schooling at Somerford Park this weekend, and we are looking forward to a summer of  BSJA competitions again.

Thank you Fenlandz Health!

Fiona Bird 

I've had my 9 year old Traditional on and then off Epiitalis Forte gel and then back on as I could feel a huge difference in his way of going. Much more flexible through his joints and soft in his way of going. Wouldn't be without it now! 

Gemma Dennis 

I've been so impressed with the 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel on a couple of my horses. Lily has had a couple of injuries and although she won't compete again, the gel made her 99% sound again which was so nice to see, it broke my heart seeing her uncomfortable. I was that impressed with the results that I've been giving it to my other Showjumper Cobey as a preventive. Even though she has no known issues, she has been looking and feeling amazing on it, striding out and really taking the fences on. I've recommended it to a number of friends who have also had amazing results from it and I will continue to recommend a product that I can finally see works.

Gemma Wiggins Williams

Hudsone has been on Epiitalis Forte gel for 10 months now and at 22 he’s still taking on new disciplines, the latest being tentpegging. Having been diagnosed with hock arthritis in 2016 we’d had good results medicating the joints but I was keen to find something to provide a consistent level of support. Since starting the gel there’s been no need to repeat HA or Osphos injections. Hudson is performing beyond expectation and loving new challenges. Thank you 4CYTE!

Georgina Owen 

4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel has been a real help with my hunter/eventer getting back on the grassroots eventing scene, after a big op last year to remove a bone chip that has shredded the cartilage in a fetlock - I was told arthritis was inevitable. I guess he felt the results instantaneously as after a week on 4CYTE he pulled away from me whilst trying to load him to go XC schooling, and with all his tack on and travelling boots he did 4 trot strides from a standstill and popped a 5 bar gate and galloped around an 8 acre field!  More seriously though his results are now far better than there were before - out of 3 starts this season so far he has never been out of the top 5.

Hani Milstein, MA VetMB CertES (Orth) MRCVS, Vet Surgeon & Partner, Endell Equine Hospital

‘My caseload is predominantly first opinion and referral hospital lameness. We don’t sell many non-POM products as a practice, however I really liked what I read about the chondroproliferative and anti-inflammatory effects of Epiitalis Forte.  Both in-vitro and in-vivo, credible experimental literature using placebo controls and objective measures such as synovial fluid PGE2 analysis and joint circumference. The clinical response in our hands and positive feedback from our clients at Endell Equine Hospital, Salisbury, has been remarkable. I am now using it in cases ranging from poor performance to overt lameness, sports horses to older horses. Sometimes as an adjunctive therapy and in some cases, where NSAIDs and Corticosteroids are contraindicated, as an alternative.

I have re-evaluated horses whose resolution of symptoms has exceeded my expectations for mainstream treatment alone. Cases that historically required ever more frequent intra-articular medication, have demonstrated longer intervals of soundness between injections. The physiotherapists with whom we share cases are also in agreement that Epiitalis Forte is a great product. I have even had reports back that the trainer is so impressed with how the horse is moving, that they’ve asked if there is a human form they can take! Epiitalis Forte has a growing fan club amongst our clients who are also administering it prophylactically to their other horses to preserve joint health. It’s great to have such an effective, safe and exciting, competition legal product in our dispensary.’

Hannah Bishop

'Having heard lots of positive feedback about Epiitalis Forte gel, I decided to give this a try on a couple of our older horses that have usual older horse aches, pains & stiffness. Being a total cynic I thought it would be an expensive experiment and like most supplements a waste of money but would make me feel better; however I wanted to see what all the hype was about. Incredibly - both horses have had extremely positive responses.

They are kept in different yards, with different lifestyles, but both are swinging, fresh and moving better than they have done for years consistently. My farrier thought the one at home had had his joints medicated, he was so much easier to shoe behind after 3 weeks on the gel. 

It’s a great supplement for racing - it’s legal to run horses on which means it’s ideal for any RoR competition horses too. 

Thanks to Rowan for encouraging me to try it.'

Hannah Martin

I am one of these crazy people who owns and loves a chestnut mare! She is quite a feisty and highly strung welsh section D x Irish draft. This summer we decided to turn our ‘hoof’ to dressage at the grand age of 19. Whilst we started well, at the end of October 2017 we found that Holly wasn’t enjoying being worked and was in pain. After testing we found she had arthritis in the hock, common but still disappointing. The vet recommended daily bute and as she got worse we would look into steroid injections. This wasn’t a route I wanted for her with gastric risks not to mention the amount of molasses I had to give her to hide the taste of bute. The sugar then made her even more excitable. When I was Your Horse Live I came across your stall and got chatting. I purchased my first tube that night. Holly came off the bute and went onto the loading dose. Since that day in November 2017, she has been on 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel and no longer needs bute. She likes the apple taste of the gel (no molasses needed) and I feel confident that her stomach is protected without risking ulcers from bute. Holly is happy to be tacked up and works beautifully. You wouldn’t think she is 20! Epiitalis Forte gel doesn’t change her mental state and I am thrilled to have found such a positive and effective product which also offers value for money compared to alternative treatments. Holly and I now enjoy our hacking, schooling and we’ve stated competing again. I’m glad to have my horse back and to know that thanks to 4CYTE UK we have many more years to enjoy together.

Hayley Parker

I started using 4CYTE on my two event horses in February 2016 after being introduced to it by Shiwon Green.

Naturally being skeptical about joint supplements, I quizzed her on all aspects of 4CYTE; why it worked, how it worked and is it legal. Shiwon was very open with me and shared her experience of the product with her own horses.

I decided to give it a go and two weeks later, I understood all the fuss! My horses started feeling like well-oiled machines and just felt like happier horses. I have noticed a big difference in the way my horses recover after cross-country or being on the gallops.

It is very palatable and is easy to administer.  I am very excited about this product and have no doubt that it is going to be something that people are going to start to want to use!

Helen Pratley

I’ve been using this product for over a year on my mare who has arthritis in most joints but particularly her hocks and neck. She also has navicular. She has been much more comfortable and is happy to be ridden again.

Helen Tuck

My mare was struggling with her canter transitions and becoming noticeably stiffer and requiring longer to warm up but after only a short period on Epiitalis Forte gel she suddenly discovered a spring in her step and even my instructor remarked on the difference in her. 

Hilary Gates

My amazing, nearly 21 yo supercob Doris, has done is all. She hunter for 13 years, did endurance, a bit of eventing and most recently dressage. 2 years ago she won the novice veteran championship at Allen’s Hill and last year she came 8th at the Area Festival final after qualifying in 2nd. I knew that this was going to be her last competition as age was starting to catch up on her and this summer I have felt a bit sad as she has gotten a bit stiffer. After reading the reviews I thought I’d give 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel a try, although I didn’t expect much as I have tried numerous other joint supplements without noticing much improvement. My first order arrived on Friday and I started on the loading dose immediately. I lunged her last night (Tuesday) and I couldn’t believe the difference in her – she is already moving better than she has in a long wime and I put the biggest smile on my face to see. Thank you 4CYTE for giving me my pony back. I’ve also put my 7yo eventer on it, as if it makes that much difference to my old girl, it’s got to be beneficial to my youngster at the beginning of her career.

Hugo Lennard

In my opinion, 4CYTE is the best joint supplement around. My horses feel supple and springy, hence they are now jumping bigger classes while on the supplement, having less poles and generally being much more willing. I noticed a rideable difference within a week of feeding the supplement. It is apple flavored, so it enjoyed by the fussiest of eaters. I would never think of taking my horses off 4CYTE, I have not noticed a change like this from any other supplement in the past. I highly recommend 4CYTE to all involved within the equine community.

Jane Griffiths

I have to say I tried Epiitalis Forte gel as last resort as my 17.2hh ex racehorse had a year off and no one was sure what he’d done. My god - it wasn’t long and he came sound then I started riding him and am now back to jumping which I never thought he’d do again. Now going the best he’s ever gone! It really is a miracle!

Jenmclaren35 (Instagram)

I’ve started my mare (who has hock issues at only 5 😣 despite being started exceptionally slowly) on your supplement and just wanted to say how amazed I am at the difference in her movement already! She’s been on it 3 weeks now, it’s fabulous!

Jenni Zawadzka

I heard about 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel through social media and after having to use double doses of other well-known supplements to help keep my 4yr old sound and comfortable after fracturing both his hocks, I thought it was worth a shot. We have never looked back and now instead of being a happy hack we have high hopes of moving up the levels in British dressage. I couldn't thank 4CYTE enough and neither can he! 

Joanne Highfield 

I had some Epiitalis Forte gel left when my old boy just passed so I thought I would try my 13 year old cob on it. You would think he has been given a new lease of life! It’s unbelievable how supple he is. Fantastic stuff and I highly recommend it. x

Joshua Smith (Jane Smith)

Joshua started his 15hh 16 year old Argentinian polocrosse Pony 'Ballerina', on 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel at the recommendation of a very good friend and chiropractor Emma Philips. Ballerina suffered a pelvic injury as a youngster and has an unusual way of moving and can get quite stiff. Ballerina went from finishing one tournament tired, stiff and hardly able to walk on the Lorry to go home to within 3 weeks on Epiitalis Forte gel finishing her next tournament as if she hadn't played, also winning herself ‘the best high goal horse’ of the series. We will certainly be keeping Ballerina on Epiitalis Forte whilst she continues to play polocrosse and would definitely recommend it.

Joshua and Ballerina have stepped up to play B grade polocrosse. Ballerina was crowned best B grade horse at Jason Webb's Kent Target Tournament on the 28th/29th May. Ballerina is a 17 year old Argentinian TB mare who has been on Epiitalis Forte for about 6 months now. We feel sure this product from 4CYTE is enabling her to perform to her best.

Julia Marron

‘My 4CYTE story is one of changing financial circumstances made me stop using 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel and becoming cynical about if it actually worked - I lasted 2 weeks until my 16 year old started to ‘click and crack’ in his fetlocks!  I put him straight back on it and within 1 week the clicking was gone again! I recommend to all!! And I'm just on beans on toast '

Karen Centauro

I’m writing to tell you about my horse Pinot who 4 years ago as an 8 year old had an injury where he sustained deep bruising and bleeding inside the lower pastern bone which was revealed by MRI. After 7 months box rest and a year of being turned away in a field he eventually came sound. There followed a careful rehab of 6 months walk work followed by 6 months of BD dressage. He seemed to be staying sound so I thought I would bring him back to showjumping. As always he remained an exuberant jumper and was progressing up the classes but in December last year I felt he wasn’t quite 100%. Vet examination showed he was sound to flexion, and on the lunge he was less than 1/10 lame but still not quite right. Being massively concerned after nearly losing him previously we took him for X-rays in January. These revealed he had early arthritic changes on the pastern which had subsequently thinned his collateral ligament.

Knowing what he meant to me having owned him since he was an unbroken 3 year old, my vet advised it was high risk to ever jump him again as jumping could risk damaging the collateral further and it failing under the pressure. I decided to have the joint cortisone injected and began research for the best joint supplement that could also assist the ligament. After recommendation from Amanda Millin I decided to put him on 4CYTE’s Epiitalis Forte gel in January and focus on his dressage despite it not being either of our chosen profession.

By July this year he had become incredibly elevated and felt better than he ever had done before. My vet re assessed and although being skeptical of the literature around Epiitalis Forte he said it appears it does what is says on the tin and agreed I could start jumping again. Pinot has been back jumping for 4 months, already qualifying for 2018 Newcomers second rounds and is now back up jumping double clear rounds in Foxhunters, which is where he was when he first became injured as a 8 year old!

I am absolutely over the moon. He is my horse of a life time and I owe all this to Epiitalis Forte gel - it really has given him wings!

I would recommend this as being the best product on the market!

Many thanks for bringing out such an amazing product I am forever grateful.

Karen Dickson

I’ve been using 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel since December on my mare who was lame from wear on the navicular bone. With the gel she is still competing showjumping and every morning when I turn her out she gallops around the field like a 2 year old!


After finding out my horse had OCD fragments bilaterally in both hock joints, the vets advised surgery was necessary. Surgery was highly successful and the mare came round from the anaesthetic without complications. All was looking good, until during a recovery hand walking session, she bolted and slipped on the concrete yard and split her surgery site open again. Mild infection set in the joint, which was immediately injected with antibiotic and she had a full course of IM antibiotics for a week, with repeat joint injections to get on top of the infection. Fortunately the infection cleared up in a matter of days.

After 3 weeks box rest it was turnout time.... Sedatives needed for both horse & owner! She went out for 4 weeks and came back into work 2 weeks ago to start walking under saddle. Her vet revisited today and was super happy that she is sound and looks great.

We started using 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel during the 4 week paddock rest and feel that her successful recovery after so many complications is down to this fantastic product.

It is easy to administer, palatable and highly affordable considering the benefits.

We will continue to supplement the mare with the gel and have decided that it is doing such a good job we are not going to do PRP.

Thank you Fenlandz Health.

Kate Green

My 8yo warmblood was put on 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel when diagnosed with PSD. So far we have avoided any surgery and I’m convinced that 4CYTE has helped. So much so that we have started our 7yo ex-racehorse who has been diagnosed with Kissing Spine and stifle inflammation on it as well. Hopefully with the help of 4CYTE, vets, physio and good management we can once again avoid surgery.

Kate Rzepka

My horse Dior is coming up to his 12th week on Epiitalis Forte gel and I wanted to wait until now before providing feedback. Our main activities are dressage and hacking. We are competing at Medium and I wanted to give him a supplement to support the extra collection and lateral work that we are now doing. After discussing with my Vet, we chose 4CYTE’s Epiitalis. When we aren't schooling or hacking we love to work in-hand with lots of pole exercises.I find this so valuable because I can watch his movement and it brings another dimension to his working schedule. Not only have I felt a difference when I ride Dior but he is noticeably more flexible through his hocks when working with risen poles. Naturally Dior is laterally supple but we have found that he is finding the move advanced movements even easier now! I've previously used other 'in feed' based supplements but for me, one of the key benefits of the gel is the administration directly into the mouth. I know 100% that he is getting every drop and there is no wastage. He also seems to love the taste! 

PS You may (or may not!)notice from this photo that Dior only has sight in one eye. His right side is blind so I also have to ensure that he stays as supple, strong and confident on the right rein, as he is in the left! 

Kate Stringer

My 15yo Advanced Medium dressage horse was starting to struggle with his work, a friend suggested I try Epiitalis Forte gel. I could feel a difference within a week and he has been on it ever since. We are qualified for second rounds of the Area Festival at medium and Advanced Medium and looking forward to having a go at our first Advanced test in the not too distant future.

Katie Johnston

I have been using 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel for my dressage horse for a few years now. He is working at Inter 1 and training towards Grand Prix. We were initially introduced to it by our Vet and now swear by it. On Epiitalis Forte gel he feels supple and his way of moving and how he uses himself are entirely different. When we run out I can definitely feel the difference. It’s very hard work at this level and he gets up every day feeling like a 4yo when he is on it. He has the 4gm maintenance dose daily but on the run up to bigger competitions when he’s going to have more travelling and different surfaces to work on he goes up to 6 or 8gms. We rely on Epiitlais Forte gel. It is not cheap, but I’m prepared to live on beans and toast if needs be as it is worth it. This is the best joint supplement I have ever given any horse I’ve trained and not only do I recommend it to anyone I talk to, I encourage anyone reading this who is on the fence to just go do it! The difference is clear within about 7-10 days and you won’t be disappointed.

Katie-Anne Poole

I started using Epiitalis Forte gel on my vet’s recommendation. I’ve never looked back; my horse has made a full recovery and has even started competing. I now have all my horses on it - it’s so good!

Kaylie Perring

Fonz was diagnosed with kissing spine in 2016 he had three dorsals remodelled in June 2016. I started using 4cyte last summer on the recommendation of a friend.

Since using 4cyte he is more flexible and supple and is really using himself. When I get him to flex and dip his back it used to snap and pop but now it doesn't.  

Since using 4cyte his osteo has commented how lubricated fonz feels. 

He has really began to open his stride up, he is throwing some super shapes.  In training last week cruised down a long 5 strides on 4 with me having to hold him to get the 4.

Lara Jones 

My 14yr old warmblood gelding has arthritis in his near fore fetlock and hock. He was intermittently lame when I rode him and not good for dressage anymore let alone any other competition but after using Epiitalis Forte gel he was sound after 4 weeks and is back out competing again.

Libbyseed (Intstgram)

I really rate your Epitalis Forte gel! It made a huge difference with my 17yo 4* event horse last season. And this season he only has been injected once at the beginning of the year and has been on the gel all year competing at 3* aged 18 and hasn’t needed to be injected since as he has been sound! His niggles haven’t played up at all! Amazing stuff :)

Lindsay Lane

This is Ringo. He has just heard he has won the BS club leagues for the south west region at 70cm and 80cm. At the age of 22 it is inevitable that he is a little stiff and creaky at times, but I am sure that Epiitalis Forte gel has helped him stay fit and sound and achieve our goal. He feels better than ever since he has been taking it and I hope that this will help him enjoy jumping for years to come. He certainly isn’t showing any signs of wanting to retire!

Liz Harrison

I have been using 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel for about 12 weeks, following recommendation from my vet, on my Welsh section D who is prone to being tense and a bit stressy. He is generally much more comfortable now and will now allow the farrier to handle his hind feet and have physio without sedation. Thank you.

Lucie Cuthbert 

I have been using 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel for over 4 months now on my advanced dressage schoolmaster. He always used to start a schooling session a little stiff at 15 with arthritis in both hocks, who wouldn’t! with the 4CYTE he feels amazing! Another livery has noticed the difference in my horse and has put her horse on it too, which I think says it all. I literally can’t be without it now!

Lucinda Green

‘Epiitalis Forte gel is an easy to administer soundness tool.’

Lynne Muir

I have been using 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel for 4 months now as my horse was intermittently lame and investigations showed arthritic changes in his near fore coffin joint. He is now 100% sound. I had tried another well known joint supplement prior to 4CYTE but this made no difference at all. The relief I feel at having a sound and happy horse is immense. 4CYTE really does work.

Madi Patzelt

We started Back To Balloo on 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel as he had started to be stiff and often would be intermittently lame on a morning. He has since turned into a different horse and is running better than ever, even into his more senior years. We have nicknamed Epiitalis ‘hooligan juice’ as he feels so well! Definitely recommended.

Mandy Stephens

4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel has given me my boy back. He was lame for 6 months had steroid injection in hocks that didn’t work. Thank you.

Marcie Lugsden

I have just started my highland on Epiitalis Forte gel. He has had PSD and hock issues. Touch wood we are now back riding and have entered a small dressage test. It will be the first one in 3 years of ownership!

Marion Bush.

I started my 11yo on 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel a few weeks ago after a rough couple of years. We had saddle issues and a thoracic vertebrae and pelvis injury. When I started using the gel I was thinking if he remained comfortable we might be able to enjoy some low level schooling and hacking. Well! What a difference! We are back jumping and brushing up on our grownup dressage stuff. Who knows – we might even consider a competition again. I’m recommending Epiitalis to all my friends.

Megan Cowan

Hi there would just like to provide some feedback on the 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel. What an amazing product! Have been using this on my 20 year old Grade A showjumper and I can’t believe the difference it has made. After having issues with mild arthritis, which then caused him to begin refusing, we tried everything to make him more comfortable and found nothing worked. Thinking we had lost our battle we then found the 4CYTE Epiitalis gel, since then Pieter has moved his way up the Scottish Bronze League and is now all qualified for the Dodson and Horrell Championships at Aintree 2018. It is all down to the 4CYTE gel! After seeing the amazing results we decided to put my 10yo showjumper onto the gel as a preventative and we have still found it to have some amazing results, little Suzie has way more spring in her step and is finding stretching over the bigger fences no problem now! 

Wish we had found 4CYTE sooner but would recommend to anyone now!!

Thank you Fenlandz.

Michaela Smith

I am writing to tell you the story of our lovely little horse Callista.

She is a fantastic competition horse who at 15hh is a jumping machine and all round superstar.

One morning last October I headed up the paddock to check on the horses and found Callie lying down.  Normally I don't disturb them but for some reason I walked across to her whereupon she struggled to her feet but refused to put her near fore on the ground. There was some swelling in her fetlock but nothing significant. My first hope was she had somehow given herself a 'deadleg' but it became immediately apparent there was something terribly wrong.

I ran to the house and called our local specialist veterinary team at Rainbow Equine Hospital who asked me to try and get her down to the stables.  This proved impossible as she only managed to move a couple of metres crab-like on 3 legs before lying back down.  The vet arrived within the hour and was immediately very concerned.  By now Callie was showing inflammation in all four legs and restricted movement in her neck and hips.  The vet drew bloods and gave her a large dose of pain relief, asking me to bring the trailer to her and take her to the hospital as a matter of urgency.  The pain relief worked enough that I could load her and upon arriving at Rainbow two vets and three nurses  began work on her performing every test know to veterinary medicine!

By 5pm that day poor Callie had extensive inflammation throughout her neck and back, and all four limbs.  All the specialist tests had come back clear and, despite a whole practice case conference and extensive research, the vets were baffled by her symptoms and the prognosis wasn't good.  Wracking my brains, the only thing I could think of was I had discovered and removed 2 ticks whilst clipping her 4 days earlier. The vets were extremely concerned at the speed and severity of the attack and suspected it to be a tick born affliction.   On this basis it was decided to throw every remotely likely treatment at her and pray something worked.  Thankfully that night the progression of the swelling halted and by the next morning there was even some signs of a reduction.  Callie was also prescribed Epiitalis® Forte gel to support recovery of her joints following this extremely aggressive attack.

Callie remained in hospital for 10 days before being sent home to recuperate.  Supposedly on restricted paddock rest it was clear from day 1 Callie blatantly disagreed as she promptly charged round the field like a thing possessed and continued to do so until her follow-up examination a week later.  Luckily, despite the speed and severity of the attack, the speed with which we got treatment to her and her equally speedy response to it, means there appears to have been no permanent joint damage, a fact which seems to be born out by her performance since.

Callie has come back better than ever and we regularly comment it's like she's living every day like it's her last!  In addition to her consistent regular competition successes she has won 2 national jumping championship titles so far this year and took the Silver medal at the David Broom Winter Champioships.  She has also qualified for the NSEA Championships at Addington Manor in October.  We have chosen to keep Callie on the maintenance dose of Epiitalis Forte gel as we feel those lovely legs of hers quite simply deserve it after what she went through.

Michelle Carrington 

I have a horse who was struggling with sacroiliac issues, which in turn was giving her hindgut discomfort. She was off her feed and just generally out of sorts and bad tempered. Within two months of Epiitalis gel, the discomfort in the hindgut was gone, she was eating well and she became her happy self again. I can only put this down to the Epiitalis gel helping to reduce the issues being felt in relation to the sacroiliac joint. The best news is I have been able to start rehabilitating her back into work again which just wasn't an option before. Thanks 4CYTE you have turned my horses life around.

Morven Dodds

At the start of 2016 I noticed that my mare, who has bone spavin in both her hind hocks, was starting to struggle, was feeling rather uncomfortable through her body and was unwilling to jump and soften up when schooling. We were constantly trying various other joint supplements and on occasion combining them to see what worked best for her and found that it was becoming too expensive to carry on the way we were. While walking around at The Royal Highland Show last year we came across the 4CYTE stand. Even though it was a fairly new product we decided to give it a go and purchased one there and then! Fast forward to today and she's feeling great, schooling softly and supple, feeling like a young horse with her excitement and actually wanting to jump! She's feeling fantastic and I really do think it's down to the use of Epiitalis Forte gel. I’m seriously impressed with the product and the customer service that comes alongside it is outstanding! Definitely have no regrets with starting her on this product!

Natasha Storr

I use Epiitalis Forte gel on my race horses. I can’t recommend it enough a couple have gone from joint injections every month to nothing bar this supplement.

Nicky Sleight

Epiitalis Forte gel is the only supplement I could feel starting to work. My horse is going better than ever and has just finished 4 days of horse camp and is happy, sound and still ready to work.

Olivia Pile 

In December I went to a dressage clinic and Xaile was so stiff the instructor recommended retiring him. However 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel, in combination with treatment from the vet and the farrier has transformed him. To the point we achieved a lifetime goal of mine at the weekend by competing at medium, even better we came home with a red rosette. He’s my horse of a lifetime and I’m so grateful 4CYTE has helped us get here.

Rebecca Bartalos

Epiitalis Forte gel is the best product in the world, it has given me back my horse and made his joints so much more supple.  He is more then happy to throw his heels up (naughty boy)! I will use it forever now.

Rebecca Bell

'When we bought Una (Nibeley Union Hit) as an exciting prospect back in 2013, we weren't sure what the future would hold, but it's been more of a rollercoaster than I could ever have imagined! Mid 2014 she was not loving dressage either physically or mentally, and after she spent some time with my trainer Caron who worked to boost her confidence, we all decided that a break was what she really needed. She spent 10 months doing nothing other than being a horse, and the physical change was unbelievable. She grew another 2 inches aged 7 and became far more mellow on the ground. However, her ridden future was uncertain. We hadn't ruled out her coming back into work but the consideration that she may have had to become a broodmare was a very real one. 

Over the winter of 2015, she began light lunging and pole work, and attending the water treadmill at Hartpury. We also began hacking and cross training her and her strength gradually improved. Things were looking more and more promising, but the real test was getting her back in the arena. When I first rode her again in May 2016 I could barely get her to trot in a constant rhythm without fretting and rushing, and any collected work got her very wound up. I firmly believe that the introduction of 4CYTE's Epiitalis Forte gel to her diet was a turning point. She began to trust me that the harder work wasn't going to hurt or be too difficult, and her training progressed. The flying changes have been the biggest step for her, hence why I competed at medium this year to build her confidence. I certainly wasn't expecting a National title at the level so winning that title at last years Winter Championships really is testament to how well she's bounced back!

Recently, she's taken the transition to advanced medium in her stride and is now working on the PSG movements. Given her history, without the physical confidence given by 4CYTE's active ingredient, Epiitalis, I'm not sure that I would have been able to regain her mental confidence to compete at this level. Our selection for Hickstead CDI is the best outcome I could have dreamt of and I hope that it is an indicator of things to come. I know that I'll be wearing my waterproof mascara (!) because however it goes, we've only got there thanks to an amazing group of people and the amazing will power of my special horse, and that makes me very emotional.'

Addendum: Nibely Union Hit and Rebecca finished in 2nd place at Hickstead and have since gone on to win both the team test and the musical freestyle at Waregem CDI-J in Belgium.

Rebecca Hulme

‘I'd just like to say thank you for such a great product! Have had my 7 yr old warmblood gelding on it since Xmas and wow what a difference in him. Over the moon. A super product at such a good cost. 

Sally-Anne Leaf

I have been using 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel for four months and my horse feels amazing. He is 14 and he is flying (perhaps a little too well at times!)

Sam Backstrom

‘I have a young horse who was diagnosed with OCD in his stifles and an asymmetric right hind fetlock joint secondary to an epiphyseal injury as a foal. Early last year his performance deteriorated with a marked unwillingness to go forward. Even after 3 months field rest and treating both of these areas along with his sacroiliac with intra-articular injections and we still had no joy. It wasn’t until a bute trial last September that he started coming right. Not being able to compete on bute I started looking for options. I found out about Epiitalis Forte gel through a friend and visited the stand at the Horse of the Year show last year to find out more about it. I bought the gel after the visit and we haven’t looked back since. He spent two weeks on the loading dose, and has been on the maintenance dosage ever since.

I have tested the gel and seen an impact within a couple of days with him feeling more supple & springy than he ever had so I am positive the results are from using the gel. We have gone from not being able to trot or canter, to jumping double clears in Newcomers - soon moving up to Foxhunter. He is continuing to go from strength to strength on Epiitalis Forte gel, and I can’t thank the team enough for their help. I am enjoying every moment of having Egg back jumping and in peak condition!’

Sarah Black

I have been using 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel on my boy for a while now. We are both veterans – he is 20 and I’ve owned him for 18 months of pure joy. My goal was to get a point at Advanced Medium and then drop back to Medium as I hadn’t competed for 9 year. However since starting the gel we’ve had to move the goalposts! We qualified for the Area Festival at Advanced Medium in 2 tests and came 5th at Keysoe in spite of the geriatric rider forgetting the test, so we are on our way to the next round. I just need the human version!

Sarah Elizabeth Louise Heaton 

As a physiotherapist I use Epiitalis Forte gel frequently on my own horses and recommend to others. I have seen some really great results from just maintaining a horse to seeing those crocky arthritic horses turn back into spring chickens. Seeing those that are unable to sustain low level work being brought back into regular work and hopping over the field fence.

Sarah Goddard

I have an old pony of 24 years old whom I bred and have ridden successfully both in the show ring and in the dressage arena. Hurstfield Billy Bigalo aka William is now having fun doing Veteran Showing and I have put him on 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel as earlier on this year he had an awful fright in the field and pulled both stifles he has made a full recovery in remarkable time and went on to be second in the SSADL in hand and ridden qualifiers at the Bath and West Show he is off to Newbury Show to the second round qualifiers now, hoping to get to the finals at Olympia. He had to be a super sub last week and represent our riding club at Dressage to Music at elementary as my other pony was indisposed, he was ninth not bad for 24 years old. I will say he had a ball loved going out rather unexpectantly.

Siobhan Fitzgerald

We have been using the gel on our 15yo gelding for about 3 months. I noticed a major improvement after a couple of weeks, he is much more supple and free in his work - but the biggest change is his temperament. He is so much happier in himself in every way – he enjoys being groomed again and will be staying on 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel for the foreseeable future.

Sophie Warren

We were first introduced to 4CYTE Epiitalis FORTE Gel a few years ago when I had two older three star horses on the team. It gave us a non-invasive and cost effective option for joint management and the results were better than we could ever have expected. Eventing is tough on their joints and by the time the horses have the training and experience to reach the higher levels they are usually in their teens so it is important that we support their joints not just in their older years, but as a preventative as younger horses too.

Let’s Impress reached 3-star level at 9 years old having already had a racing career in his early years. Together we represented Australia, made it to Adelaide CCI**** and had many wins and placings at some of the biggest events around the country. With the help of 4CYTE Epiitalis FORTE Gel he even came back from what was deemed a career ending injury in 2013 to go on and reach 3-star level again for the 2016 season before finishing his career on a high. Let’s Impress (Rex to his friends) is thoroughly enjoying his retirement and has very little joint effusion or stiffness even in the colder winter months thanks to his Epiitalis.

Three star horse Eminence thrived on his 4CYTE Epiitalis FORTE Gel. As a younger horse he sustained an injury to his pastern joint leaving him with an unresolved fracture. Through careful management we were able to keep him pain free for a long a successful career reaching three star level. Epiitalis enabled us to train and compete with confidence that his soundness was taken care of giving him the best possible chance of a long career AND a happy retirement!

We run a team of entirely off-the-track thoroughbreds. Known for their toughness, we love their attitude, incredible natural fitness and we feel it is our way of playing a small part in reducing the wastage rates in the thoroughbred racing industry. We like to select horses that have had a few racing starts so we know they are mentally and physically tough and have stayed sound under some pressure. This does mean, however, that they have already got some miles on their legs before they embark on their eventing careers. Couple this with having a few older (also off the track thoroughbred) event horses on the team and it makes joint management a number one priority for us. 4CYTE Epiitalis FORTE Gel provides us with a sustainable and ethical management solution that is non-invasive, extremely effective and scientifically proven. We feel the results speak for themselves!

Our horse training philosophy is simple - it must be based on the scientific principles of learning. Evidence based training takes the guess work out of working with horses, it privileges the welfare of the horse and improves rider safety. We’re as passionate about science in our training as we are in our horse management principles which makes 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte Gel the perfect match for our joint management program. It is extremely effective, non-invasive, safe AND scientifically proven to help with inflammation and chondrocyte proliferation. This means it not only helps manage older joints, it also aids in joint regeneration in hard working younger joints.

We’ve been so impressed with the results we’ve had using 4CYTE Epiitalis FORTE Gel that we introduced eventing legend Lucinda Green MBE to the product during a clinic she did in Australia at the beginning of 2017. Her and her daughter Lissa haven’t looked back and now use it as part of their management program. That’s great proof of an incredible product.

Steph Gibson

Epiitalis Forte gel is amazing! l have been using it for several years on my vets recommendation. It definitely helps performance. 

Steph Taylor

I’ve had Dazzle (16 years old working Intermediate I) on 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel for about 10 months & can’t believe the difference, he’s so much more supple than he ever used to be and is finding the work so much easier now. We’ve had such great results that two of my liveries have also put their horses on 4CYTE.

Sue Eaton

I started using 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel on my vet's recommendation after my horse had his hocks medicated. He's definitely moving better and using his hocks far more after a couple of weeks on it and I plan to keep using it!

Suze E Waller 

I had 19 year old pony who has spent years on the BS circuit and I had tried all sorts of joint supplements. she was certainly feeling her age a bit and was coming up a bit short jumping. I tried Epiitalis Forte gel and the results in just a short space of 2 weeks was amazing! The pony was moving forward freely and was acting like a 5 year and has continued to do so. We have had so many comments as to how different she is going and its made such a difference to her it’s untrue! She is enjoying still jumping and has qualified for the Trailblazer finals at Stoneleigh. We are grateful for the gel and the new lease of life our pony has!

Tracey Henry 

I have both my mares on 4CTYE Epiitalis Forte gel, it’s made a huge difference. My older ex showjumper had an injury and I’ve been over cautious with her. Putting her on 4CYTE has helped her a lot, she’s moving better, her flat work has improved no end - to the extent we left the ground and started in introduce jumping again, she’s not jumped for 2 years!

Tracey Louise Muir

This is Junior, my 22yo homebred IDxTB. He was intermittently 1 or 2 tenths lame and I had tried a number of different supplements/anti-inflammatory products without much success. I kept seeing 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel being mentioned, thought there was nothing to lose and so tried it. The old boy sadly hasn’t turned into Valegro, but he’s stayed sound, so

I’m delighted.

Tracy Caldwell 

My 18 year old horse Orvis is "high mileage" he's been my dressage horse for 10 years, he's competed in BE, BS has even done a couple of endurance rides and is now competing in veteran showing classes now he's retired from BD. He does have arthritis, having been diagnosed aged 11 and I noticed with the hard ground recently he was feeling it. We are on day 4 of using Epiitalis Forte gel by 4CYTE and already there's a clear difference in his movement, he looks amazing and had a great time performing the wall of death on the lunge today.

Trish Cole

Olly, my 15 year old show cob and once in a lifetime friend has never had a lame day in his life so when he presented last June short striding and with a noticeable nod at trot, I was devastated. After investigations he was diagnosed with bone spurs on both his front fetlocks. My vet decided to treat him with an Osphos joint injection but also recommended commencing Epiitalis Forte gel. He hasn’t looked back and is happier and livelier and moving more freely than he has in years! It’s now over a year down the track and he hasn’t required any more veterinary treatment and is back competing and enjoying all that life has to offer.

Vicky Northrop

We have been using 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel for two months now, my horse has had an operation on his hind fetlock in 2016 to remove some damaged cartilage, he also has arthritic changes in both hind fetlocks.  Since feeding the Epiitalis Forte gel he seems looser and generally feeling better in himself, his work load is managed carefully and I really feel that Epiitalis is helping to support him and keep him sound and I hope he keeps going well and he stays sound.

Hi just wanted to update you on our progress, we have qualified for Petplan area festivals again this year, we qualified last year but sadly he went lame. We have qualified in two outings and I am very pleased with our progress so far. We also managed to crack some leg yield as well! I managed to find the right buttons and he is finding this easier and easier to do. My saddler and Physio are both very pleased with his progress and he is getting stronger and better and continues to be supple on Epiitalis Forte gel! It’s working wonders for him so far and we hope it stays like this!

Victoria Leadbeater

Dolc is not your typical 2* event horse! She is bred as a carriage horse, and looks more like a middleweight hunter – with a huge shoulder! However, she loves to jump, and has a huge amount of self-belief. When 2* fighting fit she still weighs around 600kg, and we are always conscious of the impact of landing over some of the huge drop fences, so we spend a great deal of time and effort on ensuring her joints and muscles are in tip-top condition. 

Dolc receives regular attention from Sorcha Moneley from Equine Veterinary Physiotherapy (her “spa days”!), and although Sorcha knew we were already using a good quality joint supplement, she suggested that we try Epiitalis® Forte, as she knew we had big plans for 2017, and wanted to ensure Dolc was in the peak of fitness and health.

Victoria is in her first year of a Sport Science degree at Hartpury, and is a member of the Elite Academy, with she and Dolc receiving training from top instructors such as Carl Hester, Lizzel Winter and Corrine Bracken. With her academic interest focus in both horse and rider functional anatomy and performance, Victoria was interested to study the science behind Epiitalis® Forte, as well as having first- hand experience of the practical benefits! 

Following a minor injury to her stifle in a CCI2* in early 2016, Dolces has come out in 2017 with all guns blazing, and has achieved several top 5 placings in her Intermediate runs, going double clear in all but one of her events to date in 2017, culminating in a double clear in the CCI2* at Houghton Hall at the end of May. 

The aim for 2017 was  selection for the GB European 2* team, and following the excellent early season results, and some good performances at training sessions, we were delighted to receive the call confirming that they had been shortlisted (British Eventing News 1st June 2017)!

We feel very strongly that Epiitalis® Forte has given Dolc that vital extra element this season, ensuring that she feels strong and supple, and an added bonus is that she looks forward to her daily syringe, as it’s so palatable!

Wendy Scott

Here is William - who successfully completed the Mitsubishi Motors Cup with my 13 year old daughter, Ria Scott this May. William is 9 this time, with a history of foot and pastern related problems. He has been having the gel for about 9 months now - and is the soundest he's ever been. Such a fantastic difference in such a short time – I wouldn't want to be without 4CYTE Epiitalis!

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